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Letter - Welcome to the Dallas Urban Forestry Program

The Mission of the Urban Forestry Program is to provide safe, healthy, and productive forests for all the citizens of and visitors to Dallas.

What is Urban Forestry?
Urban Forestry is the art and science of managing for healthy, productive, and safe trees and forests in the urban environment that provide multiple substantial benefits to citizens and the environment.

How can I plant trees in my neighborhood?
On public property there are opportunities to receive assistance and/or volunteer to assist on projects through the Mowmentum Program and the Texas Trees Foundation.

What can be done in addition to tree planting?
There are many rewarding tasks for people wanting to make a difference by volunteering their time or donating money.
Tasks may include:

Organizations that contribute to having healthy, productive forests in Dallas include the Trinity Blacklands Urban Forest Council, the Texas Trees Foundation, For the Love of the Lake, and the Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.