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Park and Recreation - Mowing

For CBD (Central Business District) Medians needing mowing but not creating a hazard and located in the CBD, contact:

Park Department East Regional Office
Monday through Friday,
8:15 A.M. to 5:15 P.M. at
(214) 670-8281 or
(214) 670-0968 to request mowing.

The Department of Streets Services is responsible for the mowing of all medians and triangles within the CBD. For visibility and other hazards to public streets, contact:

The 24-hour City Services Dispatch
(214) 670-5111.

Park sites are mowed according to their park classification. Mowing is scheduled on seven (7), fourteen (14), or twenty-one (21) day cycles, weather permitting. To find out when a park is to be mowed, contact:

The appropriate Parks Dept. Regional Office,
Monday through Friday,
8:15 A.M. to 5:15 P.M.

East Region:  (214) 670-8847

West Region: (214) 670-1923

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