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  1. A fence and screening wall must be structurally sound.  It must be capable of supporting its own weight.  It must be properly maintained and not out of vertical alignment more than one foot from the vertical.  Chapter 27-11 (b)(10)

  2. Fences in single family and duplex districts may not exceed four (4) feet above grade when located in the required front yard.  Chapter 51A-4.602 (a)(1) 

  3. Fences in a required yard may not exceed nine (9) feet in height.  Chapter 51A-4.602 (a)(1) 

  4. Fences in multi-tenant districts may be built to a maximum height of six (6) ft if all conditions of Chapter 51A-4.604 (a)(2), (A)(B)(C) are met. 

  5. Unless the conditions of Chapter 51A-4.602 (a)(2)(3)(4) are met, a fence in a multi-tenant district may not exceed four (4) ft above grade, except when the required front yard is governed by the side yard regulations pursuant to Chapter 51A-4.401. 

  6. A Master Permit is required to erect any fence or wall over four (4) feet high in the front yard or over six (6) feet high if located elsewhere on private property. (Side and Rear Yard) Chapter 52 (301).

  7. Fence heights in single family and duplex districts shall be measured from the top of the fence to the level of the ground on the inside and outside of any fence.  The fence height shall be the greater of these two measurements if the fence is constructed on fill material that alters the grade, as determined by the Building Official, the height of the altered grade shall be included in the height of the fence. For the purpose of this provision, altered grade means the placement of fill material that exceed a slope of one (1) foot of height for three (3) feet of distance.  Chapter 51A-4.602 (a)(5)(A)    

  8. In all other zoning districts, fence heights shall be measured from the top of the fence to the level of the ground on the inside of the fence.  Chapter 51A-4.602 (a)(5)(A) 

  9. Barbed wire may not be used for fencing unless it is located six (6) feet or more above grade AND does not project beyond the property line.  Chapter 51A-4.602 (a)(8) 

  10. Fences may not be located in easements.  Chapter 51A-4.602 (a)(7) 

  11. Fences must provide fire-fighting access to the side and rear yard. Chapter 51A-4.602 (a)(9) 

  12. A fence must not be placed or maintained within a visibility triangle at street, alley or driveway intersections if the fence is higher than two and a half (21/2) feet measured from the top of the adjacent street curb.  Chapter 51A-4.602 (d)(13)    Corner Lot:   Has special provisions that govern the front yard. See Chapter 51A-4.401(b). 

  13. If fence panel set back is required under Chapter 51A-4.602(a) (2)(C) (3) the landscaping must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Director. 

  14. All screening of off street parking, garbage storage areas, etc. must be constructed and maintained in accordance with applicable codes and ordinances.  Chapter 51A-4.301 (f) / Chapter 51A-4.602 (b),(c)

  15. Construction fences are under the jurisdiction of Building Inspection.  

  16. Existing swimming pool installations require that all gates and doors into swimming pool  enclosures which lawfully existed before June 1, 1998, shall be made to fully comply with the self-closing and self-latching provisions of Chapter 6304 subsection (b).

  17. Swimming pool enclosures have additional fence regulations. See Swimming Pool Policy. 

  18. If fence is located in an Historical or Conservation District, other regulations may apply. 



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