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Controller's Office

The Controller’s Department develops administrative and accounting policies and procedures for City-wide use. In addition, the department ensures the integrity of the City's accounting and payroll systems and provides financial, management, and accounting services support to the City Managers Office. The department consists of the following divisions: Accounts Payable, Cash and Investments, Cost Accounting, Debt Management, Deferred Compensation, Financial Reporting, Internal Control, Payroll and Reconciliations.

The Accounts Payable Division of the City Controllers Office is responsible for entering, approving and paying invoices for the purchase of goods and services used in the operations of the City of Dallas. They also maintain the accounts payable records and systems to provide reports to assist management decisions.

The Cash and Debt Division is responsible for administering the City’s banking relationships, managing daily liquidity, and investing surplus cash under the guidelines of State Statute (PFIA) and the City’s Investment Policy. In addition, the Division is responsible for the debt management under the City’s Capital Improvement Plan.

The Cost Accounting and Fixed Assets Division is responsible for maintaining City capital assets for financial reporting purposes. The Division works closely with City departments in performing the annual physical inventory and assessing the status of construction programs. Also the Division is responsible for reviewing weekly agenda items and fixed asset encumbrances for accuracy.

The Deferred Compensation Division is responsible for overseeing the mandatory 457PST Plan as well as the voluntary 401(k) and 457 Plans while offering education and counseling services to enable employees throughout the City to be better prepared for retirement.

The Financial Reporting Division is responsible for the preparation of the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The division also coordinates the Single Audits for Federal and State grants, and includes the Internal Control division which oversees internal controls for the City.

The Payroll Division of the City Controllers Office is responsible for managing the payroll function for all City of Dallas employees. The Payroll Division monitors time entries, establishes payroll deduction and direct deposit requests.

The Reconciliation Division within the Controller's Office is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the City's cash balance.


Accounts Payable
Phone (214) 670-5151
Fax (214) 670-4174

Cash and Investment Services
Phone (214) 670-3676
Fax (214) 670-4653

Cost Accounting
Phone (214) 671-8966
Fax (214) 670-3543

Deferred Compensation
Phone (214) 670-4861
Fax (214) 670-1836

Financial Reporting
Phone (214) 670-3547
Fax (214) 670-3543

Internal Control
Phone (214) 671-8508
Fax (214) 670-7756 or
(214) 659-7032

Phone (214) 670-3532
Fax (214) 670-5826

Phone (214) 670-6922
Fax (214) 670-3543


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