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This information is provided to all hotels/motels/bed & breakfasts (hereinafter referred to as "hotels") in the city of Dallas to explain the rules for the administration of Hotel Occupancy Tax, including collection, reporting requirements and exemptions.

Many groups will advise you of their not-for-profit status and expect to be exempted from hotel occupancy taxes.  Not-for-profit status does not automatically qualify an entity for hotel tax exemptions.  Examples of these types of groups include chambers of commerce, trade associations such as the Texas Hotel & Motel Association, and athletic teams such as Little League.

The City of Dallas urges you to read and adhere to the enclosed material carefully; failure to do so may result in tax liabilities, including penalty and interest, on the part of your hotel.  If you have questions about the exempt status of a group or a customer, please call the Hotel Tax Auditor at (214) 670-4540.

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