Business Development & Procurement Services

Business Development & Procurement Services​

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The Business Development and Procurement Services Department (BDPS) is responsible for developing bid specifications jointly with City departments, obtaining bids through advertising and direct solicitat​​ion, establishing and monitoring price agreement contracts, and issuing purchase orders. BDPS maintains the register of professional and personal services consultants who are interested in working with the City of Dallas. Additionally, BDPS, in coordination with the Business Inclusion and Development division, maintains a register of Dallas M/WBE companies in efforts to facilitate M/WBE participation in the procurement process. Finally, BDPS also administers the sale and auctioning of City surplus property, impounded vehicles, City fleet, and unclaimed confiscated goods through public auctions.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the Dallas City Council passing of Resolution 15-2141 Wage Floor Rate Requirement, Business Development and Procurement Services has announced the following changes.  
On November 10, 2015 the Dallas City Council passed Resolution 15-2141 which requires prime contractors, awarded general service contracts valued greater than $50,000, and first-tier subcontractors on the contract to pay their employees rendering services on the contract a wage floor of not less than $10.37 per hour.

 We thank you for your cooperation. Should you need any additional information regarding Resolution 15-2141 Wage Floor Requirement, please contact Business Development and Procurement Services at 214-670-3326.