Court & Detention Services

​Court & Detention Services

​Payment​ Plan

Request a payment plan

  • You must be at least 18 years of age and appear in person at the Municipal Court Building at 2014 Main Street to complete the application form with acceptable photo identification. Acceptable photo identification includes the following:
    • Valid Texas or Out of State Driver's License
    • Mexican Driver's License or Matrícula Consular
    • Valid Texas or Out of State Identification
    • Military Identification
    • Current U.S. University Identification (Colleges), etc.
    • Passport
    • Immigration Resident
    • Mexican Voter Registration
    • Texas Department of Corrections Parolee Card
    • Current U.S. Government Issued Identification
    • Concealed Handgun License
  • Application must include personal information plus two personal references including name, addresses and contact phone numbers.
  • You must be prepared to pay 30% down and thereafter make 3 monthly payments each month to satisfy the entire balance within 90 days.
  • An additional $25.00 fee will be assessed on each citation if the full payment amount of the citation is not received within the first 30 days of the payment contract agreement.
  • Payment must be made in person or by mail (Payments for payment plans cannot be made online).

Set up your payment plan by visiting our payment windows on the first floor of 2014 Main St. You will then be sent to room 143​.