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Equipment and Building Services (EBS) is an internal services department comprised of three divisions. Fleet Management is responsible for approximately 5,300 City vehicles (with the exception of Dallas Fire and Rescue Department engines and ambulances) and related maintenance, repair and equipment rental. Facility Management is responsible for City building maintenance, operations, planning, security, and custodial service for approximately 11 million square feet of building space. Business Operations is responsible for management systems, fuel operations, electricity contract management, and technology. 


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Department Director 
Errick Thompson, P.E.   

Assistant to the Director
Melissa De La Cruz
Phone: (214) 670-0196 

Phone: (214) 670-0195
Fax: (214) 670-5149

Business Operations

Assistant Director  
Rosa Fleming  
Phone: (214) 671-9599

Fleet Management

Assistant Director
Cheritta Johnson
Phone: (214) 670-1892

Facility Management

Facility Management Architecture & Engineering
Assistant Director

Zaida Basora
Phone: (214) 671-5132

Facility Management Operations
Assistant Director

Scott Wright
Phone: (214) 671-9440