Office of Ethics and Compliance

Office of Ethics and Compliance​​

Our Mission

To promote a culture of ethics, diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity within the City of Dallas in order to ensure the public trust. At the City of Dallas, we believe it is not enough to do things right, but that we must also do the right thing.

Our Goal

It is our goal to provide employees the resources and support they need in order to work effectively in an ethical and diverse workplace. This is done by assuring that our employees have access to training, ethical advice, consultation and hotlines.

Ethics & Diversity Officer's Welcome:

The City is committed to assuring that employees make good ethical choices and act ethically. The public's trust and confidence is very important in maintaining a positive reputation. The citizens of Dallas expect employees to perform their duties in a principled manner, thus the City will do all it can to assure that employees understand ethical expectations. This includes comprehensive training and identifying resources for employees to report unethical behavior.

The City's Code of Ethics, found in the City Code, is a roadmap for how employees uphold the City's commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, customer service and integrity. The standards guide employees in their work and shape their thinking when it comes to addressing ethical dilemmas.

The City also values a vibrant, progressive and diverse workforce. The workforce reflects the residents of the City of Dallas. Diverse employees have been hired to provide the best service to the citizens of Dallas.

We will work to maintain an ethical, diverse and capable workforce, in order to assure that the citizens of Dallas are receiving world class services.

Vanessa A. Gray
Interim Ethics and Diversity Officer