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​​Housing/Community Services Department​

Office of Senior Affairs​​

The Office of Senior Affairs (OSA) was created to help Dallas seniors maintain the highest quality of life possible by providing information / referrals on senior services, educational programming and other resources that support and promote financial and social well-being.  The OSA also provides staff support to the City of Dallas Senior Affairs Commission (SAC) and its six (6) working committees (Elderly Safety Awareness, Budget, Communication & Technology, Transportation, Housing and Health.


The following servivces and programs are offered by the Office of Senior Affairs:

Case Management

OSA caseworkers provide case management to

at-risk seniors needing referrals for elder abuse,

housing, health and dental care, utility assistance,

transportation and other social services.

Contact: (214) 670-5227


Educational materials, presentations, training

and informational seminars are provided and/or

facilitated by the OSA to community groups,

neighborhood associations and senior centers to

educate and inform the public on senior resources

and issues affecting older adults. These issues

include, but are not limited to, isolation, elder

abuse, health care and housing.

Contact: (214) 670-5227


Senior Affairs Commission

The OSA provides staff support to the Senior

Affairs Commission (SAC). The Senior Affairs

Commission is a 15-member advisory board

appointed by the Mayor and City Council to help

ensure the provision of services to the elderly.

Contact: (214) 670-7883



Senior Ombudsman Program

The Senior Ombudsman Program is designed to

give an official mandated voice to seniors in

nursing home and assisted living facilities by

addressing concerns and seeking resolutions to

problems or issues to enhance the quality of life

for residents in long term care facilities. The

program also offers information to seniors and

their families about nursing home facilities,

selection and/or any related nursing home

issues. The Senior Ombudsman Program is

implemented by The Senior Source.

Contact: (214) 823-5700


Older Americans Employment Initiative Program

Provides employment assistance to older adults

age 60 and above throughout Dallas, including:

• Training on Job Search Techniques

• Assisting older adults with Job Search

• Providing referrals

The Program also provides community

presentations to seniors on employment training

and other related topics of interest. The Older

Americans Employment Initiative Program is

implemented by The Senior Source.

Contact: (214) 823-9700


Senior Dental Health Care Program

Provides dental health services to low-moderate

income seniors aged 60 and older residing within

the City of Dallas. Dental health services include:

exams, cleanings, fluoride treatment, sealants,

flings, extractions, root canals, treatment for

infections and oral health education. Services are

free to eligible residents and are provided by the

Texas A&M University College of Dentistry at the

following locations:


North Dallas Shared Ministries (NDSM)

2875 Merrell Road

Dallas, Texas 75229

(214) 358-8729


Agape Clinic

4104 Junius Street

Dallas, Texas 75246

(214) 707-7782


To schedule an appointment for services, please

contact North Dallas Shared Ministries or the Agape



Senior Medical Transportation Program (SMTP)

The SMTP provides transport services to medical

facilities for low-moderate income seniors. Eligible

residents must be 60 years of age or older and reside

within the City of Dallas. Medical facilities must be

located within the City of Dallas. Services are

door-to-door and free to eligible clients. Wheelchair

vehicles are available upon request. For additional

information and program enrollment, please call the

number listed below.

Contact: (214) 670-7325


Senior Emergency Home Repair

Provides up to $7,500 in emergency assistance to

qualified low-income, disabled and elderly

homeowners, 62 years of age or older, who have health

and safety repairs that pose a threat to the life, health or

safety of the resident(s) and require immediate

attention. Types of repairs include: roof, electrical,

plumbing, gas lines, HVAC & ADA renovations (ramps,

toilets, grab bars, other vital accessibility needs).

Contact: (214) 670-3644


The Texas Ramp Project

Volunteers of the Texas Ramp Project in the Dallas area

build wheelchair ramps for the low-income and

disabled in Dallas County and southern Collin County.

The Office of Senior Affairs accepts ramp installation

intake calls/applications for the Texas Ramp Project.

Contact: (214) 670-5227


Operation WaterShare

Provides assistance with Dallas Water Utilities to

persons aged 60 and older facing financial hardships

due to water leaks or other difficult circumstances.

Contact: (214) 670-5227


Senior Affairs Commission

The Senior Affairs Commission is a 15-member advisory board appointed by the Mayor and City Council to help ensure the provision of services to the elderly.


Left to Right - Armand Christopher (D-10), Felix Lozada (D-6), John Johnson (D-3), Johnny Rodriguez (D-5), Carmen Arana (D-1), Irwin "Bill" Gart (D-11), Lydia Simpson (D-2), Cannon Flowers (D-7), Sara Wick (D-14) and Trini Garza (Chairman), Chiyoko Douglas (D-8), Mary Sparks (D-9), Syl Benenson (D-13) and Marlene Cohen (D-12)

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Office of Senior Affairs
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Cobbie Ransom III, Office of Senior Affairs Administrator
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​Valencia Alexander Hooper, Senior Services Manager
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