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    ​​​​​​​​​​​CERT Training


    Volunteers become CERT members when they've completed class sessions taught by local emergency management and professional first responders. Classes include 20 hours of practical training and team-building exercises.


    ​The Dallas CERT training program includes the following sessions:

    • Unit 1- Disaster Preparedness and Intro to Emergency Management
    • Unit 2- Fire Safety
    • Unit 3- Disaster Medical Operations - Triage and Treating Life Threatening Injuries
    • Unit 4- Disaster Medical Operations - Assessment, Treatment and Hygiene
    • Unit 5-Light Search and Rescue
    • Unit 6- Team Organization
    • Unit 7- Disaster Psychology
    • Unit 8- Terrorism and CERT
    • Unit 9- Final Disaster Exercise​

    The final session includes a disaster simulation to give volunteers the ability to apply their newly acquired skills in a simulated environment. CERT Graduates receive a certificate of completion, and a Dallas CERT t-shirt.


    In addition, CERT volunteers are encourage to take continuing education classes to refresh and enhance skills. Since March 2007, CERT members have completed the following continuing education classes:

    • Ham Radio Operator's Technician Class
    • Incident Stress Management
    • Strategic National Stockpile (large-scale medicine and antidote distribution)
    • And several disaster exercises

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    For more information contact Cassandra Wallace via email to cassandra.wallace@dallascityhall.com or via fax to 214-670-4677.​






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    CERT Membership Levels

    CERT Membership Levels

    ​​Tactical Radios Course

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    Documentation Course


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    HAZMAT Course


    HAZMAT Quiz


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    Radio Training Materials

    Dallas CERT Radio Operations Guide
    Dallas CERT Radio Training Net Scenario

    Dallas CERT Damage Assessment Form

    ICS 309 Form


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    Incident Forms

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    Tracking Form

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    Other Training Resources



    North Central Texas Council of Governments

    Texas Emergency Managment



    ARRL Precedences and Handling Instructions



    FEMA NIMS: You can take additional IS related online courses here, such as IS-100.b, IS-200.b, and IS-700.a. These should be taken as part of the "advancements" training.


    Harris County CERT Rodeo:

    Harris County Rodeo Website

    CERT Rodeo location map


    Rodeo Roundups

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    SKYWARN™ training is usually scheduled between January and March in preparation for tornado season.  Details on upcoming classes can be found on the National Weather Service's page here.