Planning & Urban Design


The Neighborhood Vitality team of the Planning & Urban Design Department supports vibrant and sustainable neighborhoods through several functions including Capacity building workshops. Capacity building workshops empower residents and strengthen neighborhoods. The workshops are offered on a year-round basis to neighborhood groups that wish to form a neighborhood association, newly-formed as well as established Neighborhood Associations (NA) or Homeowner Associations (HOA).

Basic Workshops

The following workshops are offered for groups that wish to become organized or for newly formed NAs or HOAs:

Advanced Workshops

The following workshops are offered for established HOAs or NAs:

  • National Night Out Event Planning
  • Fundraising 101
  • The "How To's" of Grant writing
  • growSouth Neighborhood Challenge Grant
  • Becoming a vendor with the City of Dallas
  • The ABCs of Zoning and Development
  • Developing a Neighborhood Plan

Want to schedule a workshop or have questions?
Email Sandra.Bowie or call (214) 671.9565