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Put YOUR Neighborhood on the Map!

Are you the leader of your Homeowner Association (HOA) or Neighborhood Association (NA)? Sign-up to improve communication and stay informed about City activities.

Benefits of Signing Up:

  • Receive City communications from multiple City departments about important neighborhood resources and events concerning your neighborhood, including:
    • Citywide or local public meetings/events
    • Training and grant opportunities to build your organization's capacity
    • Economic Development Program
    • Emergency management updates
    • Library programs and events
    • Parks & Recreation programs and events
    • Trinity Watershed updates
    • Green Dallas (Environmental) updates
  • Be featured on an interactive online map to enable prospective residents and others to be aware of your existence.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Homeowners Associations (HOA): A homeowners association is a formal legal entity created at the time of development of a residential subdivision, planned community or condominium property. An HOA enforces rules within its boundary and membership is typically mandatory for all property owners within its boundary.
  • Neighborhood Associations (NA): A neighborhood association is a voluntary group of neighborhood residents who work together to improve or maintain a residential area within a defined boundary.  NAs are typically set up through engagement of homeowners, have a board of directors and bylaws, and hold periodic meetings.
  • Neighborhood Coalition Groups: A neighborhood coalition group is a larger organization of residents and other stakeholders that includes within its boundaries two or more HOAs or NAs.  Neighborhood coalitions are typically created to advance one or more shared interests among the member organizations.

How To Sign Up or Renew:

Two Simple Steps

  1. Complete and submit a form
        - Complete the form online here
        -  Download a form here
  2. Wait for an email confirmation that your information has been received and recorded.
        - This may take up to 5 to 10 business days during which time you may be        contacted for verification of information.

Call (214) 671 8900 or  email