Planning & Urban Design

Welcome to Planning & Urban Design!

The Planning & Urban Design Department (P+UD) develops and facilitates comprehensive plans, policies, and programs through effective community engagement. Our goal is to advance livability, economic vibrancy, sustainability, and equity throughout Dallas.  Our team collaborates across departments, external agencies and private initiatives to:
-Draft comprehensive land use and urban design plans for Council adoption;
-Lead targeted neighborhood revitalization efforts; 
-Provide capacity building and training for neighborhood organizations;
-Provide conceptual design services and design review for development projects and;
-Facilitate implementation of adopted City plans and policies.


 Featured Projects & Events 


Meetings & Workshops

Pleasant Grove Now Visioning Charrette*
January 30, 2018

Housing Policy Meetings
 Residential Development Financing |  Jan 27 & 29
 Reducing Development/Rehab Cost|  Jan 31&Feb3
 How to Increase Access to Capital | Feb 13 & 17
 Increasing Housing Production | Feb 23 & 26

Urban Design Peer Review Panel
February 23, 2018 @ 8:30 am

All Things Beautification Workshop*
February 24, 2018

*RSVP Required/Recommended