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Current Procurement Opportunities

Below is a list of current business opportunities with the City of Dallas.  Please refer to the City of Dallas' website to obtain additional information pre-proposal meetings to discuss the project with Department Representatives and/or Buyer.  Attending will give you an opportunity to network with prospective primes, sub- contractors, etc.

Master Agreements- are contracts entered into by the City and vendor to provide goods or services over a defined period of time at a pre determined price schedule.

Current Master Agreement- February 2018

Master Agreement By Buyer 2.7.18.xls


Comprehensive Economic Development Strategic Plan – Commodity Code 91800 – (BYZ1809 – Due on 02/15/18, names of companies read on 02/16/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

 Flood Protection & Storm Drainage Design Services for TWM - Commodity Code 91842 (BMZ1810, Due on 02/15/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Helicopter Unit Airborne Digital Camera System, Digital Video Recorder, Auto Tracking, Mapping System and Integration into Existing Downlinking System - Commodity Code 05512 -(BXZ1801 -Due on 02/22/18, names of companies read on 02/23/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Silk Screen Clothing-Commodity Codes 96684 (BI1802 - Due on 02/22/18, Opens 02/23/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Fuel, Propane (Grad, H-D5) -  Commodity Codes 40503 (BY1807-Due on 03/01/18, Opens 03/02/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Cotton Bowl Field Replacement - Commodity Codes 79050 (BI1803-Due on 03/01/18, Opens 03/02/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Dewater Services for TWM-Commodity Codes 96893 (BM1813-Due on 03/08/18, Open 03/09/18)NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Oil, Grease & Lubricants-Commodity Code 40500 (BW1804-Due on 02/23/18, Opens 02/16/18)NEW OPPORTUNITY!

DPD Staffing Analyses-Commodity Code 91866 (BUZ1813-Due on 03/08/18, names of companies read on 03/09/18)NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Roller Blinds for Majestic Theatre, Commodity Code -87090 (BL1806 -Due on 03/08/18, Opens 03/09/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

South Dallas/Fair Park Public Improvement District Manager-Commodity Code 95800 (BYZ1812-Due on 03/22/18, names of companies read on 03/23/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Sports Court Maintenance-Commodity Code 90917 (BI1807-Due on 03/29/18, Opens 03/30/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Decals (Vehicles and EBS Containers)-Commodity Code 25528 (BN1812-Due on 03/15/18, Opens 03/16/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Farrier Services-Commodity Code 45040 (BT1801-Due on 03/15/18, Opens 03/16/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Air Blowers/Compressors and Dyers Maintenance & Repair Services with Parts-Commodity Code 93608 (BMZ1802, Due on 03/15/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Electrical Supplies - Commodity Codes 99837 (BI1804 - Due on 03/01/18, Opens 03/02/18) NEW OPPORTUNITY!

City of Dallas Environmental Policy


Lobbying by bidders and proposers on city contracts. (dallas City code sec. 12a-15.8, subsection g) A person responding to a request for bids or request for proposals on a city contract shall not lobby a city council member either directly or

indirectly (through a representative, employee, or agent) from the time the advertisement or public notification of the request for bids or request for proposals is made until the time the contract is awarded by the city council. This

subsection does not prohibit a bidder or proposer from speaking at the city council meeting where the award of the contract is considered.  (Ord. 27748)