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The Dallas City Council has passed a Multifamily Recycling Ordinance which goes into effect for all multi-family properties with 8 or more units, and all haulers collecting and transporting recyclable material within Dallas city limits, on January 1, 2020.

Reference guides, informational meetings for apartment owners and recycling haulers, and other resources to explain the ordinance, its provisions, and requirements are in development and will be posted at soon.  

For updates, please register using this link. (The link may need to be opened in Internet Explorer) 

  • All recyclable material should be placed in Recycle Ben or the recycling drop-off location without being bagged. For a quick recycling guide, please Click Here​.
  • Recyclables should be contained in the roll cart, there should be no extra bags or cardboard boxes on top of the roll cart or on the side of the roll cart.

Don’t have a recycling roll cart, yet? Order one online.
¿Necesita un contenedor de reciclables azul? Pida uno aqui.

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Take advantage of the new "OurDallas" mobile app. You can create and check on 311 service requests anytime – day or night – without having to make a phone call!

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Now is your chance to schedule a group tour of the Dallas, award winning recycling facility. Learn how recycling works, all the benefits it generates, and try your hand at sorting materials.

Please call (469) 620-0971 or EMAIL  FCC Environmental to schedule a tour for groups of five or more.


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The Zero Waste team is available to come out and speak about recycling & reducing waste at your next HOA meeting, club meeting, etc. For more information and to schedule a speaker please EMAIL us your request. The PowerPoint that will be presented can also be found HERE.