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Routine Maintenance Review | Landmark Commission Full Review​ 

​Certificates of Appropriateness (CAs) are required before any exterior work can begin on structures and lots located in a Landmark District or individually listed as a Dallas Landmark. 

Minor changes generally require only staff approval, also known as Routine Maintenance. More substantial alterations require approval of the Landmark Commission. The same application is used for both types of requests. 


​Dallas Development Code allows for some items to be considered 'Routine Maintenance' and reviewed by Staff.  

Not all work listed below will qualify as Routine Maintenance depending on the proposed work. Please contact the Staff member in charge of your district in advance of the deadline to make sure your work qualifies as Routine Maintenance. 

Common Routine Maintenance Items:
    • installation of a chimney located on an accessory building, or in the rear 50% of a main building not part of the corner side façade;
    • installation of an awning located on an accessory building, or on the rear façade of a main building;
    • shingle replacement that does not include a change in color;
    • installation of a wood or chain link fence that is not painted or stained and meets the preservation criteria with no exceptions;
    • installation of gutters and downspouts that matches the dominant trim or roof color;
    • installation of skylights and solar panels;
    • installation of window/door screens;
    • application of paint that is the same as the existing or that is an appropriate dominant, trim, or accent color (exception: all paint color changes in Winnetka Heights must be reviewed by the Landmark Commission);
    • the restoration of original architectural elements;
    • minor repair using the same material and design as the original;
    • repair of sidewalks and driveways using the same type and color of materials;
    • the process of cleaning (including but not limited to low-pressure water-blasting and stripping, but excluding sandblasting and high-pressure water blasting);
    • painting, replacing, duplicating or stabilizing deteriorated or damaged architectural features (including but not limited to roofing, windows, columns, and siding) in order to maintain the structure and to slow deterioration.


Submit your Certificate of Appropriateness application ​and all submittal items to the Staff ​member in charge of your district.

Your Certificate of Appropriateness will be processed within 21 days, although most are processed within 7-10 business days. 


Work that does not qualify for Routine Maintenance, demolition requests, and all Courtesy Reviews must be reviewed by the Landmark Commission during a public hearing. The Landmark Commission typically meets on the first Monday of each month at 1:00 PM in City Council Chambers (1500 Marilla Street). Staff will communicate the confirmed times and dates for all meetings when your complete application is submitted. 

Incomplete applications that do not contain the submittal items listed on the application checklist and/or applications received after the NOON deadline are not accepted!


​​Submittal: Submit your completed application by the deadline​, which is typically the first Thursday of the month at Noon. See calendar for the official deadline dates. Incomplete applications are not accepted. 

Task Force Meeting: Neighborhood Task Forces consist of residents from the neighborhood, professionals, and architects. Task Force decisions are RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY that are submitted to the Landmark Commission for review with your application. Meetings are typically held the week following the application deadline, and Staff will communicate the confirmed date at the time of your application. You are encouraged, but not required, to attend. 

Staff Review: Staff will review your application the week following Task Force meetings. Staff decisions are RECOMMENDATIONS ONLY that are submitted to the Landmark Commission for review with your application. This meeting is not open to the public, but you may be asked to provide additional information after the review is complete. 

Public Hearing (FINAL DECISION): The Landmark Commission hearing typically occurs the first Monday of the month following the application submittal date. Staff will communicate the confirmed date to you at the time of your application. You are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting. Landmark Commission decisions made at the public hearing are final, and questions regarding your application may arise during the hearing. 

Issuance: Staff will send your final signed Certificate to you 10 days after the date of the Landmark Commission hearing. Work on items that received approval can begin once you have your Certificate posted on the front of your property and you have obtained any applicable building permits that are required for the work. Please see the Building​ Inspection website​ for a list of work that may require a building permit. 

 View application deadlines and Frequently Asked Questions on the Applications and Forms page.