Domestic Violence Taskforce

About the Taskforce


The Domestic Violence Taskforce is made up of 40 plus members of various Dallas area agencies whose primary focus is the prevention and eradication of domestic violence and the support of its victims. The Taskforce’s current focus is on identifying potential lethality in domestic violence situations and ways to prevent lethality from occurring. The Taskforce is also working to improve communication between the various departments on the taskforce.

​Annual Summary Report

​Thank you to the Institute for Urban Policy Research at the University of Texas at Dallas ​for their research on the second Annual Summary Report on Domestic Violence in the City of Dallas. Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this report possible:  Communities Foundation, Dallas Women's​ Foundation, Mark Kay, and Verizon.

​View the ​2015-2016 Annual Summary Report on Domestic Violence ​​on Domestic Violence to see trends in Domestic Violence in our community and what action our advocates have taken

View the infographic to see a snapshot of the report​​

Victim Resources

If you are in immediate danger, DIAL 9-1-1.

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The City of Dallas Domestic Violence Task Force's

​​October 2016 Domestic Violence Awareness Event

In March 2014, in conjunction with the Crimes Against Women's Conference, the City of Dallas' Domestic Violence Taskforce Painted the Town Purple to raise awareness of domestic violence.  Many organizations in Downtown Dallas played an integral part in Mayor Mike Rawlings' and the Domestic Violence Task Force's commitment to end domestic violence with their participation.  The Omni, Reunion Tower, the Bank of America building and the Hunt Oil building turned their building lights purple, Neiman Marcus created a beautiful purple storefront,  the Nasher hung purple ribbons in their trees, and many employees donned purple attire in solidarity.  

This year, the Domestic Violence Task Force will continue the campaign to end domestic violence by Painting the Town Purple during the month of October to bring further awareness to this often silent crime.  The Task Force is asking you to Paint Yourselves Purple in solidarity with the cause and to come together as a community to help end domestic violence in Dallas.​

How You or Your Organization Can Participate:

  • ​​Follow the Domestic Violence Task Force on Twitter @​​​DallasDVTF and Facebook​
  • Re-tweet and share #BigDEndsDV statistics, calendar events, posts & pictures
  • Get creative with your purple! Wear purple lapel ribbons, purple clothes, paint one fingernail purple, wear purple ties, socks, you name it!Support an organization that provides services for domestic violence victims
  • Feel free to "Paint Yourself Purple" however you like!
  • ​Show your support for ending DV by placing a purple ribbon around your tree or front door.  The Task Force is able to distribute a limited number of purple ribbons to pick-up locations throughout the city. There may be ribbons for you to pick up at your National Night Out. Display your purple ribbon and send in your neighborhood pics on Twitter#PaintBigDPurple​​
  • *Not all National Night Outs will be supplied with purple ribbons due to limited quanities. Check with your HOA president to see if your NNO is participating. 
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Paint the Town Purple 2016 

For inquiries about the Domestic Violence Taskforce or Paint the Town Purple, please contact the City Council office at (214) 670-3816 or e-mail