City Secretary's Office

Rosa A. Rios

City Secretary​

Photo of City Secretary Rosa A. Rios
Rosa A. Rios was first initiated to the world of municipal government in 1987 when she began working at the Customer Service Department for the City of Garland. Her tenure at Garland, while in the City Manager′s Office, ended 11 years later when she accepted the position of City Secretary/Director of Administration for the City of Cockrell Hill in 1998. Six months later, she was promoted to City Secretary/City Administrator and served the City of Cockrell Hill for 4 years.

In 2004, she became City Secretary for the City of Seagoville. In 2006, she was offered and accepted the position of the Assistant City Secretary for the City of Dallas. At the City of Dallas, Rosa is responsible for the direct supervision of the Archives, Boards & Commissions, Customer Service, and Records divisions as well as oversight and coordination of the administrative duties of the in accordance with State law, Dallas City Charter, Dallas City Code, and the City Council Rules of Procedure.

In 1981, Rosa attended Western Oklahoma State College in Altus Oklahoma and later achieved the honor of Valedictorian for the Central Campus at the International Business College in El Paso, Texas, in 1983. 

Effective July 6, 2011, Rosa was appointed as Acting City Secretary and simultaneous undertook the responsibilities of both the City Secretary and Assistant City Secretary. On March 7, 2012, the City Council unanimously approved her official appointment as City Secretary for the City of Dallas, the first Hispanic City Secretary in Dallas’ history.