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New initiative makes recycling even easierNEW…. BLUE… AND IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!
New initiative makes recycling even easier

The City of Dallas is making it even easier for you to recycle by increasing the number of neighborhood recycling drop-off locations. As the newest feature of the city’s Don't Waste Todaywaste diversion program, you can now drop-off plastic containers with the recycling symbol for numbers 1-7, bottles and jars of any color, aluminum, tin, and steel containers, office paper, window envelopes, magazines, phone books, catalogues, paperback books, brown paper bags and cartons in the Big Blue container and there is no need to separate! All recyclable materials can be placed in the container in the same “single stream” style as in the residential collection program. Most locations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please visit one of our new and improved drop-off sites today. It’s convenient for you and good for our environment.

For more information on the City of Dallas drop-off recycling program or if your facility would be interested in sponsoring a site, please contact us at (214) 670-4475.

Sites Address Zipcode Mapsco Location
Cathedral of Hope 5910 Cedar Springs Road 75235 34Q Central
Dallas Christian Academy 4025 N. Central Expwy 75204 35Y Central
Downtown District # 1 100 S. Good Latimer Exp. 75226 45M Central
Downtown District # 2 700 McKinney Ave.  75202 45J Central
Elbow Room 3010 Gaston Ave. 75226 45M Central
Glencoe Park 3700 Glencoe Street  75206 36N Central
Lakewood Library 6121 Worth St. 75214 36Y Central
North Dallas High School 3120 North Haskell Ave. 75204 35Y Central
Reading Radio Resource 2007 Randall St. 75201 45E Central
Resource One Credit Union 1200 Belleview St. 75215 45U Central
Reverchon Park 3505 Maple Ave 75219 45A Central
Skivvies 4001 Cedar Springs Rd 75219 35W Central
Lakehill Preparatory School 2720 Hillside Dr. 75214 36 V East
Samuell-Grand 6200 E Grand 75223 47A East
Tietze Park 2900 Skillman Street 75206 36Q East
Campbell Green 16600 Parkhill Drive 75248 5R North
Carolyn Bukhair Elem 13900 Maham 75240 16L North
Churchill Park 6906 Churchill Way 75230 15V North
Parkhill Jr. High 16500 Shadybank 75248 5U North
Prestonwood Elementary 6525 La Cosa Drive 75248 5Y North
RISD Academy 13630 Coit 75240 16K North
Skyview Elementary School 9229 Meadowknoll Drive 75243 27B North
Spring Creek Elementary 7667 Round Rock 75248 16A North
Spring Valley United Methodist Church 7700 Spring Valley Road 75240 16J North
Thomas Jefferson High School 4001 Walnut Hill Ln.  75229 24Q North
Willie B Johnson 12225 Willowdell 75243 16X North
Brentfield Primary School 6767 Brentfield Dr. 75248 5-U North Central
Bowie Elementary 7643 La Manga Dr.  75248 6-S North Central
Dentistry Hero Inc.    10830 Central Expwy 75230 26F North Central
Dobie Elementary 14040 Rolling Hills Lane 75240 16 K North Central
Fretz Park 6990 Beltline Rd 75254 15-H North Central
Lovers Lane UMC & School 9200 Inwwood Rd 75220 24-V North Central
Northaven United Methodist Church 11211 Preston Rd. 75230 25-B North Central
Northwood Hills Elementary 14532 Meandering Way 75254 16E North Central
Preston Royal Library 5626 Royal Ln 75229 25E North Central
Royal Knoll Townhome 7711-7829 Royal Lane 75230 26 E North Central
Spring Valley Elementary 13535 Spring Grove 75240 16N North Central
The Winston School 5707 Royal Lane 75229 25 E North Central
Timberglen Branch Library 18505 Midway Rd  75287 4B North Central
Westwood Jr. High 7630 Arapaho 75248 6 W North Central
Aiken Elementary 12300 Pleasant Valley 75243 17Y Northeast
Ascension Episcopal Church 8787 Greenville Ave 75243 26-H Northeast
Audelia Creek Elementary 12600 Audelia 75243 17U Northeast
Audelia Road Branch Library 10045 Audelia Rd  75243 17U  Northeast 
Bishop Lynch High School 9750 Ferguson Road 75220 38U Northeast
Central Market 5750 Lovers Ln.  75206 36-B Northeast
Danbury Condominiums HOA 6040 Birchbrook  75206 36F Northeast
Fair Oaks Transfer Station 7677 Fair Oaks Drive 75231 26U Northeast
Forest Lane Academy 9663 Forest Lane 75243 17Y Northeast
Forestridge Elementary 10330 Bunchberry Drive 75243 17V Northeast
Hamilton Park 8301 Towns 75243 16U Northeast
Harry Stone Recreation Center 2403 Millmar Drive 75228 38R Northeast
Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary 7000 Holy Hill Dr 75231 26Q Northeast
Kellers Drive-In 6537 E Northwest Hwy 75231 36D Northeast
Lake Highlands Elementary 9501 Ferndale 75238 27R Northeast
Lake Highlands Freshman Center 10200 White Rock Trail 75238 28K Northeast
Lake Highlands High School 9449 Church Rd 75238 27K Northeast
Lake Highlands Jr High 10301 Walnut Hill Ln.  75238 23N Northeast
Lake Highlands N Recreation Center 9940 White Rock Trail 75238 27K Northeast
Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church 8525 Audelia Rd 75238 27Y Northeast
Lake Highlands United Methodist Church 9015 Plano Road 75238 28S Northeast
Liberty Junior High 10330 Lawler 75243 17V Northeast
Merriman Park 7107 Winedale Drive 75231 27N Northeast
Moss Haven Elem 9202 Moss Farm 75243 27E Northeast
Northlake Elementary 10059 Ravensway 75238 27L Northeast
Ridgewood/Belcher Park 6818 Fisher Rd 75214 37E Northeast
St. Patrick Sch. & Church 9635 Ferndale Rd 75238 27R Northeast
Stults Road Elementary 8700 Stults Rd 75243 26C Northeast
Temple Emanu-El 8500 Hillcrest Road 75225 25V Northeast
Thurgood Marshall Elementary 9666 Ferris Branch 75243 27B Northeast
Veterans of Foreign War post 6796 9179 Garland Rd. 75218 37-R Northeast
Wallace Elementary 9921 Kirkhaven 75238 27M Northeast
White Rock Elementary 9229 Chiswell 75238 27U Northeast
Wilshire Baptist Curch 4316 Abrams Rd 75214 36L Northeast
Annex Senior Center 2910 Modella Ave 75229 23-B Northwest
Arlington Park 1200 Sleepy Hollow Drive 75235 33Y Northwest
AT&T Services Inc. 1460 Round Table Dr. 75247 33K Northwest
Blair House 4200 Newton Ave #101 75219 35-T Northwest
Dallas Phones LLC 2828 Anode Lane 75220 23 P Northwest
Elm Fork Park 10751 Luna Rd 75220 22 S Northwest
Francisco Medrano Middle School  9815 Brockbank Dr   75220 23T    Northwest
Good Shepherd Church & School 11110 Midway Rd 75229 24-B Northwest
HCC Performance of Dallas 4817 Norma St. 75247 43-B Northwest
Holy Cross Lutheran Church 11425 Marsh Ln. 75229 23-D Northwest
Maple Lawn Elementary 3120 Inwood Rd. 75235 34-Q Northwest
Oak Hill Academy 9407 Midway Rd. 75220 24 T Northwest
Park Forest Library  3421 Forest Ln  75234 13Y Northwest
River Oaks Condos 4837 Cedar Springs 75219 34V Northwest
Saint Michael and All Angles Episcopal Church 8011 Douglas 75225 25W Northwest
Walnut Hill Recreation Center  10011 Midway Rd  75229 24P Northwest
YMCA Town North 4332 Northaven Rd. 75229 24-B Northwest
Beckley-Saner Recreation Center 114 W Hobson Ave 75224 54V South
Cummings Recreation Center 2976 Cummings 75216 66A South
Fruitdale Park 4408 Vandervort 75216 56Y South
Singing Hills Recreation Center 1909 Crouch 75241 65R South
Christ for the Nations 3404 Conway St 75224 64C South Central
Davis-Hawn Lumber Co. 1941 S. Beckley Ave. 75224 54-R South Central
Eloise Lundy Recreation Center 1228 Sabine 75203 45X South Central
Exline Recreation Center 2525 Pine Street 75215 46Y South Central
Hampton Prep School 8915 S. Hampton Rd. 75232 73H South Central
Highland Hills Library  3624 Simpson Stuart Rd  75241 66Q South Central
Highland Hills United Methodist 3800 Simpson Stuart Rd 75241 66Q South Central
J.C. Phelps (Magna V) Recreation Center 3030 Tips Blvd 75216 56N South Central
McCommas Bluff Landfill  5100 Youngblood Rd  75241 67P South Central
Mildred Dunn Recreation Center 3322 Reed Lane 75215 46V South Central
Paul Quinn College 3837 Simpson Stuart Rd. 75241 66Q South Central
Polk Wisdom Library 7151 Library Ln. 75232 64X South Central
South Oak Cliff High 3601 S. Marsalis Avenue 75216 65-A South Central
St Philips School 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue 75215 46T South Central
Tommie Allen Recreation Center 6901 Bonnie View Rd 75241 66Y South Central
A+ Academy 10327 Rylie Rd. 75217 69-G Southeast
Fireside Recreation Center 8601 Fireside Drive 75217 68D Southeast
Henry B Gonzales Elem. 6610 Lake June Rd. 75217 57L Southeast
JC Turner Recreation Center 6424 Elam Rd. 75217 57-V Southeast
Juanita J. Craft Recreation Center 4500 Spring Ave. 75210 47 N Southeast
John Q Adams Elem. 8239 Lake June Rd. 75217 58-L Southeast
Kingdom Harvest Church 215 N. Masters 75217 59-U Southeast
Kleberg  Rylie Library  1301 Edd Rd 75253 69AM Southeast
Kleberg  Rylie Recreation Center  1515 Edd Rd 75253 69AM Southeast
Larry Johnson Recreation Center 3700 Dixon Avenue 75210 47W Southeast
Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church 1636 North Masters Drive 75217 59 G Southeast
Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center  8701 Greenmound Ave  75227 58D Southeast
Richard Lagow Green Team 637 Edgeworth Drive 75217 69D Southeast
Skyline Library  6006 Everglade Rd  75227 48J Southeast
Amelia Earhart Learning Ctr. 3531 N Westmoreland Road 75212 43K Southwest
Arcadia Recreation Center 5420 N Arcadia 75211 52F Southwest
Bishop Dunne Catholic School 3900 Rugged Dr.  75224 64 A Southwest
Hymen Elementary 8441 Fox Creek Trail  75249 71 A Southwest
Kidd Springs Recreation Center 711 W. Canty 75208 54C Southwest
Kiest Park 3080 Kiest Park 75233 43 R Southwest
Living Waters Worship Center 7221 American Way 75237 63W Southwest
Oak Cliff Transfer Station 4610 S. Westmoreland Drive 75237 63J Southwest
Our Lady of Lourdes 5605 Bernal Drive 75212 42P Southwest
Park in the Woods 6801 Mountain Creek Pkwy 75249 71B-E Southwest
Pleasant Mound Urban Park 8301 Bruton Rd 75217 58D Southwest
Thurgood Marshall Rec. Center 5150 Mark Trail Way 75232 63M Southwest
Hampton Illinios Library  2951 S Hampton Rd 75224 53V Southwest 
Martin Weiss Recreation Center  1111 Martindell Ave 75211 53K Southwest 
North Oak Cliff Library  302 West 10th St 75208 54G Southwest 
Sunset High School 2120 W Jefferson Blvd 75208 54A Southwest
West Dallas Multipurpose Center 2828 Fish Trap Road 75212 43-R Southwest
Arlington Park Recreation Center 1505 Record Crossing 75247 33V West
Bachman Therapeutic 2750 Bachman 75220 33C West
Discount Home Warehouse 1758 Empire Central  75235 33R West
Grauwyler Recreation Center 7780 Harry Hines Blvd 75235 33M West

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