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Strategic Customer Services

As part of her customer service initiative in 2005, City Manager Mary Suhm created the Strategic Customer Services (SCS) to assist the organization in improving city services by focusing on customer needs, benchmarking and the performance of City services in relation to accountability, responsiveness and the quality of the service experience for the Dallas communities.

Service Area Coordination Team
The Service Area Coordination Team was created to focus on the unique needs of the communities within each of the seven service areas in the City of Dallas. Each member serves as a liaison for service management and community outreach. In addition to providing awareness of programs and city services provided, the service area coordinators manage multi-departmental activity to implement community activity and accomplish community service goals. More importantly, they also serve as advocates for the communities, which may result in updates or changes to city service delivery.

311 Info & Services
311 is the City of Dallas’ connection to city services. You can access most non-emergency services (such as graffiti, high weeds, litter, and garbage roll cart replacement) through 3-1-1. You may request a city service either by dialing 3-1-1 (or 214-670-3111), by clicking the 3-1-1 paragraph heading (above), or by submitting a service request via your iPhone or Android Smartphone (click here for more information: http://www.dallascityhall.com/311App/index.html).

3-1-1 System Configuration Team
The 3-1-1 Configuration Team maintains the 3-1-1 System and serves as the liaison between the 3-1-1 Call Center and the city departments. In addition to serving as a help desk to internal users and department Configuration Managers, this group performs application testing and provides training on newly released features and updates.

Performance Measures
Performance measures are developed and monitored throughout the year to objectively gauge the degree of success of city services in relation to the goals and planned activities of each department. These indicators will serve as essential markers of progress toward specified outcomes, also known as benchmarks.

Benchmarking and Citizen Surveying
Every other year, a citywide citizen survey is sent out to a random sample of citizens. This data is compiled into a detailed report with meaningful information from our citizens. Once this data is analyzed, it is used to develop the strategic objectives of the city organization.

With the use of the City’s performance measures, benchmarking provides a measurable foundation for improving business processes and attaining the best practices that are comparable to those used by other highly measured municipalities.

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