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​Dallas 311​

​How to submit a Quality SR​

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The Quality SR is ONLY created based on the response to an original service request. You will be asked to choose a reason from the list below:

  • Dissatisfied with response/results/action

  • Exceeded Estimated Response Time (ERT) (length of time for staff to make initial inspection of problem)

  • Exceeded Service Level Agreement (SLA) (length of time allotted to complete the service request)

  • Incorrect Information from City staff

  • No documented Action/Progress Indicated on SR

  • Not Contacted

  • Not Contacted When Requested

  • Not Contacted by Method Requested

  • SR Closed – Problem Still Exists

  • Work Quality is Unsatisfactory

On the “Quality SR” service request form, complete the required questions. Please be sure to:

  • Provide the same location entered on the original service request.

  • Provide the original service request number.

NOTE: Your Quality service request cannot be created unless the correct original service request number is entered. If you need assistance, please call 311.

Click here for Quality SR