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Initiate a Service Request Allows you to request a service. Point mouse at icon for description of the service.

Animal - Dead Birds For concerns related to Dead Blue Jays from no apparent trauma. This only concerns blue jays.
Animal - Dead Animal Pick Up
To request the pickup of dead animals.
Animal - Limits Use this service request to report excessive numbers of animals on a property
Animal - Loose or Stray Loose cats or dogs only, not on a leash or owned by anyone in the area and not posing a threat to human life.
Animal - Noisy Animals barking, howling, crowing, or making unreasonable noise which continues more than fifteen minutes.
Animal - Pooper Scooper Violations of animal waste removal ordinance, which requires waste to be removed by the animal owner. Witness and pet owner information required.
Animal - Prohibited Rooster To report a location inside the City of Dallas that houses roosters.
Animal - Spayed/Neutered/Intact Use this service request to report all dogs and cats in the City of Dallas that have not been spayed or neutered.
Animal - Vaccination/Registration Investigation To report unvaccinated and unregistered animals.
Animal - Wildlife/Livestock- Routine To report Wildlife sightings of animals which are behaving in a Non-Predatory and Non-Aggressive manner. If animal is sick/injured/aggressive/chasing people, call 311.
Call 311 for the Following Service Requests:
Animal - Attack in Progress
Animal - Bite
Animal - Confined
Animal - Confined in Vehicle
Animal - Confinement Outdoors
Animal - Cruelty
Animal - Sick/Injured
Animal - Tethering


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