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  Animal - Prohibited Rooster To report a location inside the City of Dallas that houses roosters.
  Animal - Vaccination/Registration Investigation To report unvaccinated and unregistered animals.
  Animal - Wildlife/Livestock- Routine To report Wildlife sightings of animals which are behaving in a Non-Predatory and Non-Aggressive manner. If animal is sick/injured/aggressive/chasing people, call 311.
  Animal Trap Request To obtain a trap for dogs only.
  Aviation Noise Complaint To report noise in the surrounding areas of Love Field, Dallas Executive Airport (formerly Redbird Airport), and Dallas Heliport facilities.
  Chemical Spill Routine To report chemicals, unknown liquid or solid materials that have been spilled on the ground and are exposed to rain or that can enter nearby creek, river, lake or storm drainage system.
  Cost Plus Services (Sanitation) Initiate a Service Request
  Cost Plus Services (Sanitation) Informational Link icon
  Dead Birds For concerns related to Dead Blue Jays from no apparent trauma. This only concerns blue jays.
  Feeder Ordinance Violation To report groups or individuals distributing food to the homeless outside city guidlines. NOT FOR REPORTING ILLEGAL FOOD FENDING
  Foodborne Illness To report sickness from eating at any food establishment, vending machine, or school within the City. NAME AND NUMBER REQUIRED TO PROCESS THIS REQUEST
  Graffiti on City Buildings Report graffiti on City buildings
  Home Repair Violation To report possible home repair violations
  Homeless Encampment To report homeless encampments. A homeless encampment is a location where homeless people sleep overnight (vacant lots, under bridges, wooded areas, etc). Do not enter service request for panhandling
  Life Hazard Report concerns regarding; Locking refrigerator/ice box stored outside, Open or collapsed wells, cellars or septic tanks, downed electrical lines or raw sewage on private property
  Panhandling For complaints of recurring panhandling at a specific location
  Park Maintenance - Miscellaneous For concerns regarding maintenance of parks, street medians, triangles, atheletic fields, special non-park properties such as libraries and cemetaries, rest rooms, playground equipment and other structures, and picnic equipment
  People Helping People To request help for minor exterior home repair for elderly and or disabled homeowners that are low income. For single family single story dwellings only.
  Pilot Program
     Garbage - Missed To report missed residential garbage, solid waste,and trash collection for the Pilot Program
     Roll Cart For roll carts that need to be replaced or repaired in the pilot area. This can also be used for additional roll carts for the Pilot Program
     Sanitation Crew Complaint To report complaints regarding the sanitation crew in the pilot area
     Pilot Recyclable Collection Missed To report missed collection of pilot residential recycling, and recyclables
     Pilot Recycling Property Damage To report or request any damages done in the Pilot Progra
     New Commercial Tto inquiry about a new account for commercial use
     New Residential To inquiry about a new account for new residents
     Stop Service To request that sanitation services be stopped. (Stop Garbage Collection)
  Sewer Problems - Water Administration To report sewer problems
  Swimming Pool Discharge Report the draining of swimming pools, hot tubs, or ponds into the alley or storm drain system
  Utility Cut/Routine Report excavation in the city right-of-way or street that is being performed by a Private Contractor or Utility Company. If an emergency, contact 311
  Water Pollution Routine - Creek, Lake or River To report pollution in a creek, lake or river
  Wheel Chair Ramp/Curb Cuts For concerns regarding the installation of a Wheel Chair Ramp,Curb Cut, or Barrier Free Ramp at an intersection

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