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Dallas Zoning Districts
Private Recreation Center, Club, or Area


An area providing private recreational facilities such as playgrounds, parks, game courts, swimming pools, and playing fields

District Permitted

By right in GO(A), CR, RR, CS, industrial, central area, mixed use, and multiple commercial districts. By SUP only in all residential districts except MH(A), and in NO(A), LO(A), MO(A), and NS(A) districts

Required Off-Street Parking

Three spaces for each game court and one space for each additional 150 square feet of floor area

Handicapped Parking

Must be provided if more than ten off-street parking spaces are required for this use

Total number of required off-street parking spaces

Minimum number of handicapped spaces required

1 - 50


51 - 100


101 - 300


301 - 500


over 500

1% of Total

Required Off-Street Loading



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