Love Field

​​Love Field

​Noise Control

Love Field Environmental Advisory Committee

An integral part of the overall approach to noise control at Dallas Love Field is communication between the various parties involved in developing, monitoring and improving the program. The Love Field Environmental Advisory Committee was established to provide a forum for discussion among airport neighbors, airport operators, and Federal and City aviation representatives on issues related to airport environmental issues. Members of the committee meet quarterly.

The contributions of the Love Field Environmental Advisory Committee and the continuing communication between the interests represented are two of the most important elements contributing to the success of the program.

A New Generation of Quieter Aircraft

In the late 1960's, the Federal Government established regulations, (FAR Part 36 and Part 91) which resulted in the phasing out of the older, noisier aircraft from the nation's fleet and replace them with newer, quieter and more fuel efficient aircraft.

The Love Field Policies

Love Field is located in a noise-sensitive area of the city near residential neighborhoods, which are essential in their role of providing economic, social and cultural stability for the City. It is important that the airport be operated in a manner that allows it to fulfill its vital role of attracting business to Dallas, while protecting and preserving the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhoods. In order to balance these needs, the City of Dallas has adopted policies, which not only recognize Love Field's importance to the Dallas community but also establish a noise reduction goal to reduce the impact of the airport's operations on the neighborhoods.