​​Aviation Functions

Airport Maintenance provides for the management, supervision and maintenance of the terminal building, runways, grounds, ramps and service roads for Love Field Airport 24 hours a day. In addition, the program provides for the supervision and management of City-owned land and improvements leased to individuals and corporations.

Operations and Security ensures conditions in all areas of Love Field Airport are maintained safely for aircraft operators, tenants and the traveling public; as well as ensures aircraft operating areas comply with federal standards. The security of the airport is maintained through implementation and enforcement of the FAA-approved Airport Security Program.

Dallas Executive Airport provides for the operation and maintenance of a general aviation airport in southwest Dallas, and the leasing of City-owned property for aviation commercial and/or industrial purposes.

The Heliport provides for the administration, operation and maintenance of the Dallas Public Use Heliport at the Convention Center.

Capital Construction and Debt Service provides for the principal and interest payments of the department's revenue supported bonded indebtedness as well as the Operating Budget transfers to the Capital Construction Fund.