Texas Comptroller Transparency Star Program

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts' Transparency Stars program recognizes local governments for going above and beyond in their transparency efforts. The City of Dallas strives to ensure that residents are able to readily access and view financial summary information.

To learn more about the program, please visit the Texas Comptroller Transparency Star program website.

Traditional Finance Summary

The financial data is collected through collaborative efforts with multiple departments and reports such as the Budget Accountability ReportAdopted Budget, and the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR). These reports include detailed information to support financial transparency efforts. 

The per capita figures are based on the City's 2022 estimated population of 1,299,544*.


This link provides explanations and a glossary of terms utilized in various financial documents and reports. 


Fiscal Year 2022-23 Adopted Budget
                          Total            Per Capita
General Fund
   Property Tax - Governmental                              $961,502,880 $739.88
   Sales Tax - Governmental                                 417,232,383 321.06
   Franchise & Other                                 127,865,821 98.39
   Charges for Service                                 115,554,550 88.92
   Fines and Forfeitures                                    23,776,847 18.3
   Operating Transfers In                                    28,185,836 21.69
   Intergovernmental                                    13,161,563 10.13
   Miscellaneous                                       7,967,394 6.13
   Licenses and Permits                                       5,616,913 4.32
                                       5,950,000 4.58
General Fund Total                             1,706,814,187 1313.39
Enterprise Funds1,281,147,437985.84
Debt Service Fund
Total Revenue$3,396,259,785$2613.42

General Fund$1,706,814,187$1,313.39
Enterprise Funds
Debt Service Fund
Total Expenditures$3,418,115,445$2,630.24
Other Information:
2022 Population*1,299,544
Total Full-Time Equivalents 

*Determined by U.S. Census

The following chart represents the revenue & expenses for the General Fund only.


expenses and revenue chart.png

The following chart represents the property tax history for the last five fiscal years.

For additional information please visit Property Tax History from 1985.


tax rate chart.png


Budgets for the last five fiscal years

FY 2022-23           FY 2021-22            FY 2020-21            FY 2019-20             FY 2018-19 

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) for the last five fiscal years 

2022          2021          2020          2019          2018


Downloadable Data


FY 2022-23 Adopted Budget (raw data)

Open Checkbook (Open Vendor Payments)

Open Checkbook is an interactive database that provides information on the City's checks and electronic disbursements. Detailed information is provided, including the vendor, the amount of each payment, and the department to which payment was charged.

Other Information

City Council

This link provides information regarding the Mayor and Council Members with maps, contact information, and resident resources.


City Manager's Office

This link provides information regarding the City Manager and Executive Leadership Team. 

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Open Records Request

The Open Records Request service increases resident access to public information in accordance with state and federal open government/public information laws and practices. This link will allow residents to submit an open records request, track the status of an existing request, and find answers to common open records questions. For more information, please email openrecords@dallas.gov