Information & Technology Services

Enterprise Architecture

The City of Dallas Enterprise Architecture guides technology acquisition, business process changes and architecture decisions for the threefold purpose of ensuring:

  1.  Alignment with the City's Technology Strategy and Strategic Priorities
  2.  Flexibility to Easily Leverage Future Technology
  3.  Horizontal Use of Assets Across Domains as Applicable

Enterprise Architecture enables the City to select the best technology and architecture to provide value to the citizens now and in the future at a lower cost for implementation, evolution, and maintenance. 

Enterprise Architecture provides the technology governance processes for the City as well as publishes the policies, standards and procedures that should be followed for technology acquisition, maintenance and evolution.  Technology Governance is the framework by which all technology, information, solution, and business processes changes can be molded to ensure the most effective, efficient and cost-effective results. 

Technology Reference Architecture

The City of Dallas is committed to the strategic alignment of information technology to desired stakeholder outcomes identified and communicated by the Mayor, City Council and City Manager. A crucial element to the achievement of the desired strategic alignment of technology to business outcomes is known as the technical reference architecture (TRA). In the City’s own words, the technical reference architecture provides an holistic environment for the successful development and execution of a strategy that solves business problems by leveraging technologies. 

The City’s reference architecture is a blend of various best practices for technology design and operation. Below you will find a link to the City of Dallas Technical Reference Architecture describing and clarifying the City’s desired technology footprint and its operation.

​You will see that the City of Dallas Technical Reference Architecture will Engage, Enrich, Enable and Empower ​desired stakeholder outcomes of the City of Dallas!​​​

​​City of Dallas Technology Reference Architecture, Version 5.0​​  (PDF, effective November 2020)

City of Dallas Technology Reference Architecture - Checklist, Version 5.0  (MS Excel, effective November 2020)