Welcome to ServiceNow

Dallas is Working Better, Smarter​

​Providing a One Stop Shop to improve your customer experience.

​ServiceNow will make it much easier for everyone to request IT Services,  report outages, and get a status.  We have simplified workflows for procurement requests, outages, changes, and hardware/software asset management.

Why something new?

We are Enhancing our Customer Experiences by Focusing on...

  • The demand for faster high quality IT service
  • A simplified user experience and data driven operations management
  • Promoting self-service and faster delivery speed
  • Data driven reporting and analytics using transparent key performance indicators and service level agreement targets 

What is Changing?

The IT Customer Portal and a Phone Call to 1234 are the only two options to order something or report a service issue.  Inbound emails to the Service Desk will no longer be an option.  This is being done to streamline the intake process to make sure orders and issues are captured efficiently.

The City of Dallas is replacing CA Service Desk with ServiceNow IT Service Management solution to achieve the following service enhancements:

  • Simplify the customer experience with IT Services by providing our customers with the 24/7 One-Stop-Shop to...
    • Order IT assets and report outages
    • Access over 40,000 Knowledge Articles 
    • Self-Help
    • Check order status anytime
    • Improve transparency 

Key Features

You will be able to manage all request for orders and outages through one user friendly interface.