The Smart Dallas program is led by the City of Dallas and utilizes an ecosystem of partners and the citizens themselves to formulate and implement large-scale Smart Dallas initiatives. The Smart Dallas program attempts to define what Smart City means to Dallas and how the City plans to organize toward aligning itself in delivering smart services that are effective and efficient in order to improve the citizens’ quality of life

Our Smart Dallas vision is to be a vibrant metropolis and one of the United States’ most attractive cities by 2030.

The challenge for our cities has never been greater: increasing demands on services and infrastructure, reducing budgets, increasing expectations, concerns about the environment and global competition. From all these perspectives, we need our cities to work better – for our residents, businesses and visitors. Advances in technology and data analysis provide us with the tools to better understand the functioning of our cities, and to plan and deliver services more effectively. But the challenge is more than just how we improve our services; it is also how to improve with the most efficient and effective approach.

Smart Dallas’ principle is to provide a unified approach to technology, data and intelligence in delivery of smart solutions.

Dallas has played an important role in shaping thinking as to how innovation can be harnessed to improve cities, particularly in the development of national and international standards. The City is committed to adopting such “smart city” approaches to cope with the many challenges ahead and to create new opportunities for business and local communities.