Smart Environment+

Improve Air
Quality Monitoring
Enable Smart Water

Smart Environment+ includes smart solutions to ensure a healthy environment and the associated quality of life and health effects for all Dallas citizens.

Smart Environment+ Objectives

Localized Environmental Quality Visibility

  • With chronic poor air quality in Dallas, providing visibility into local air quality variations is desired but challenged with the current footprint of air quality monitors in Dallas. From a Smart Cities perspective, low-cost, nonregulatory air monitors have significant potential to provide valuable data that could enhance public health, traffic flow, urban planning, zoning, and nuisance abatement.

Smart Water Management

  • The aging wastewater management infrastructure in Dallas requires many updates and provides a large scope of work for maintenance every year. Implementing smart water management sensors and monitoring equipment to provide data for analysis of the locations most in need of maintenance or updates would provide an enhanced view for City planning.

Waste Reduction

  • Dallas has waste reduction targets and has recently won awards for a new state-of-the-art recycling plant. Providing additional visibility into the results of the waste reduction and recycling efforts in Dallas is a desirable data transparency metric.