Smart Government+

Provide Citizens On-Demand
Access to City Services
Reduce Government Costs
and Improve Efficiencies
Enable Data-Driven
Decision Making

Smart Government+ includes inclusive smart solutions to digitize and simplify the processes necessary to provide services to citizens and businesses as well as provide intelligent insights to citizens regarding their impacts on their community.

Smart Government+ Objectives

On-Demand Access

  • Enable citizens to submit requests and forms digitally and to check on the progress of their requests without having to call a phone number or stand in a line.
  • Participate in open data exchange with citizens and other organizations to provide on-demand access to data and visibility.

Governance Optimization

  • Digitize government processes to obtain efficiencies in time, cost and utilization, and continue to evolve the digitized services.

Data-Driven Governance

  • Utilize big data analytics and visualization solutions to provide comprehensive, cross-domain insights for use in governance decisions, policy making, planning activities, etc.