Smart Infrasturcture+

Increase Energy
Leverage Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure+ focuses on leveraging solutions to improve utilization, energy and water efficiencies, and heat management and to reduce environmental impact as applicable to current and future infrastructure in Dallas.

Smart Infrastructure+ Objectives

Resource Conservation

  • Implement solutions to enable conservation of natural resources, such as water and energy, or to reduce waste generation.

Energy Efficiency

  • Implement building efficiency solutions to conserve energy, e.g., optimized lighting and HVAC based on facility usage.

Improved Infrastructure

  • Implement a traffic signal ecosystem that can be adapted to changing situational needs in near real time to improve efficiency and safety of transport in non-standard circumstances, e.g., enabling traffic management to dynamically update traffic signal timing during an accident scenario.
  • Update infrastructure with intelligent sensor networks for real-time insight generation and optimization of service delivery.
  • Implement infrastructure in such a way that it can be leveraged horizontally across numerous domains.
  • Improve infrastructure to provide necessary data for predictive analytics of maintenance needs.