Smart Public Safety+

Public Safety
Increase Attractiveness for
Local Economic Growth
Provide Community Engagement
and Transparency

Smart Public Safety+ includes smart solutions to improve citizen safety and reduce crime. The approach for Smart Public Safety+ in Dallas is to use data and technology to help ensure a high quality of life for all Dallas residents and visitors by emphasizing solutions that:

  • Leverage big data and predictive analytics to prioritize crime prevention activities appropriate to the variety of public safety needs across the Dallas landscape.
  • Promote community engagement and transparency.
  • Improve inter- and intra-agency collaboration.

Smart Public Safety+ Objectives

Data-Driven Policing

  • Implement smart and predictive analytics use cases to help prevent and detect crime.

Intelligent Emergency Response

  • Implement a 911 system with the highest resiliency level and support for the latest industry technology and features.
  • Utilize smart street lighting for adaptive response to public safety incidents.

Community Engagement

  • Provide visibility to the community of the impact of the smart public safety solutions and their local public safety metrics.