Te​st Development and Validation

​Test Development and Validation



​​​​​​​​The Test Development and Validation Division develops and validates entry-level Civilian and Uniform selection tests and promotional Uniform exams, including written exams and assessment centers. The Division's development and validation of selection and promotional instruments follows strict procedures ​​​per Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and ​​​the Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology). The development of tests involves researching the job, developing exam content, and reviewing exam content with subject matter experts. For more information regarding this process, please click here​.


​​​​​​​​The Test Development and Validation Division is composed of the Assistant Director of Civil Service, the ​Test Development and Validation Administrator, and Test Development and Validation Specialists. Team members are professionals in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 

Civil Service Director
Jarred D. Davis, MS, Sr. CAAP

Civil Service Manager
Ashley Rucker

Test Development and Validation Administrator
Andrew Yurkon, M.A.

Test Development and Validation Specialists
Erin Maas, M.S.
Zollie Saxon