Code Compliance

​Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of Chapter 27? 
    The purpose of Chapter 27 "Minimum Property Standards" is to protect the health, safety, morals, and welfare of Dallas residents by establishing minimum standards applicable to residential and nonresidential structures.
  • What rental properties must be registered? 
    All non-owner occupied structures, which include single family homes, each duplex unit, and individual condominium units.
  • What is the fee for a single family rental property? 
    The fee for single family rental properties is $43 annually. If a violation(s) is identified at the time of the City's comprehensive inspection, a follow-up inspection will be required.    There will be a one-time $43 re-inspection fee assessed for that follow-up inspection to determine if the violation(s) previously identified have been abated.
  • I live in another state, would I need to attend the inspection?
    No, the tenant or the owner's agent may attend the inspection.
  • My job has been relocated outside of Dallas and I am renting the house until it sells. Is registration mandatory?
    There are exemptions for this situation with some limits. If the owner has had a homestead exemption on the property within the last 2 years, it does not need to be registered.  For further information, please contact 214-671-RENT.
  • How long does registration last?
    For one year from the date of registration.
  • Am I eligible for a refund if I sell my single family rental property?  
    There are no refunds of registration fees for single family rental properties.
  • Is a city inspection required for single family rental property?
    Yes. In addition to the required annual inspection by the owner, the City of Dallas will conduct an inspection at least once every five years, but not more frequently than once a year, (excluding complaints).
  • What are the requirements of the Single Family Rental Program to Register? 
    To submit all of the following documents: Single Family Rental E-Application (electronic), Owner's Self-Inspection Checklist (2 pages) , Notarized Affidavit of Single Dwelling Unit Rental (2 pages), and copy of Government Issued Photo Identification Card.
  • Is air conditioned required in all rental properties?
    Yes, the owner must provide refrigerated air equipment capable of maintaining room temperature at least 15 degrees lower than the outside temperature but in no event higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit in each room of a structure intended for human occupancy. If the outside temperature is over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, then at least one habitable room must meet this criteria.
  • How is mold addressed?
    The City of Dallas does not inspect for mold, but will address any violation that is contributing to the excess accumulation of moisture in the area or lack of required ventilation. 
  • Who is responsible for removing bedbugs?
    Where evidence of an infestation exists, the owner of a building, structure, or property, including a vacant or occupied one- or two-family dwelling, or multifamily dwelling, shall eliminate the infestation using a person licensed under the Texas Structural Pest Control Act, as amended, and repair any condition that contributes to an infestation.
  • Are the tenants responsible for bulky trash or high weeds violations?
    Ultimately, the property owner is held responsible for all violations at the property. In addition, attempts will be made to notify the tenant(s) of these types of violations.
  • What is the required hot water temperature?
    The required temperature for hot water is 110 degrees Fahrenheit measured at the fixture.
  • What languages are required for written leases?
    Upon the occupant's request, the written lease must be provided in the occupant's primary language if that is: English, Spanish, or Vietnamese.
  • My property is not rented, do I need to register?
    No, registration is not required and no annual fee will be collected, but the owner must provide  an affidavit annually stating the fact. You can print a copy of the Affidavit of Exemption-Rental Registration and mail it to Single Family Rental Program at 3112 Canton St. RM. 100, Dallas, Texas 75226.  
  • Must I register a house occupied by a relative? 
    ​No, a house occupied by a blood or marriage relative does not need to be registered, but the owner must provide an affidavit annually stating the fact. You can print a copy of the Affidavit of Exemption-Rental Registration and mail it to Single Family Rental Program at 3112 Canton St. RM. 100, Dallas, Texas 75226.
  • What happens if I don't register my single family rental?
    Failure to register a single family rental may result in a notice of violation by a City of Dallas Code Officer and citations may be issued if the property is not registered as required.  
  • Can I rent my property with a "Short-Term Rental" program?
    Yes, the property can participate in a "Short-term Rental" program as long as any Hotel Occupancy Taxes due have been paid by the owner.
  • How soon should I submit my application for registration/renewal?                                                                     

                   Before June 1, or 60 days before the current registration expires. 

  • Where can I find step by step directions on how to register?
    Please see our Single Family Rental Registration Program Guide.