Code Compliance

​Dallas Garage Sale Frequently Asked Questions

Garage Sale sign

Why do I need a permit?

A permit is required to better regulate and enforce the garage sale provisions and promote Clean, Safe and Vibrant Neighborhoods.

How soon do I have to get a permit?

You can get a permit anytime prior to conducting your garage sale. You must have documentation of your permit during your garage sale event. You are subject to a citation if you are unable to produce documentation.

How much does a permit cost?

The Garage Sale permit fee is $0 for the 1st permit and $25 for the 2nd permit.

Where can I get a permit?

An application for a permit may be printed from this site or obtained at one of the following City facilities; your water account number is required:

  1. All Dallas Public Libraries during regular business hours.
  2. Consumer Health, 7901 Goforth Rd., Dallas, TX 75238,
    Monday thru Friday, 8am - 4:30pm 
  3. Code Compliance Administration, 3112 Canton St., Dallas, TX 75226, 
    Monday thru Friday, 8am - 5pm

How many consecutive days can I hold the garage sale?

A person shall not conduct an occasional sale (garage sale) for a duration of more than three (3) consecutive calendar days.

How many times a year can I have a garage sale?

Not more than two garage sales during any 12 month period.

Where can I place garage sale signs in my neighborhood?

A sign advertising the sale can be placed on the property were the sale is occurring. Up to five signs may be placed at remote locations advertising the sale. Signs must be placed on private property, must have permission of the property owner and must be removed within 24 hours following the sale. No signs are permitted in the right-of-way or in the median. Signs placed in the right-of-way, median or on private property without the owner’s permission will be removed and/or ticketed.

Does the City provide free advertising?

Yes, at the time you purchase your permit we can add your location to our website or you may list your sale on the following web link. Your water account number is required to add your sale to this site.

How do we register for a Special Interest Group sale?

Special Interest Group sales require additional approval. Registration can be completed at 3112 Canton St. Dallas, TX 75226, Monday thru Friday 8am – 5pm. For more information call 214-671-9391 or email us.

For additional information on garage sales, please see Rules & Regulations or contact Code Compliance at (214) 671-9391.​