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​Trash Attack 


​Welcome to the TRASH ATTACK!

This is the community clean-up program which is focused on beautifying areas around the City in need of services such as mowing and litter pick-up.

Trash Attack IS:

  • The branding for all city-supported cleanup events. These include:
    • Mowing/Cleaning-related events
    • Litter-pick up
  • A program to assist you with the following clean-up materials
    • Roll-off container dumpsters
    • lawn mowers
    • weed-eaters
    • trash bags
    • gloves
  • A supplemental resource available to those who organize clean-ups
  • A way to increase the visibility of your clean-up event or project

Trash Attack IS NOT:

  • A clean-up planning or coordinating service
    • For help coordinating a Trash Attack Event please contact your Code Compliance Neighborhood Code Representative
  • An alternative to regular trash pick-up services

Dusty the Dumpster

Come meet the new Trash Attack mascot "Dusty the Dumpster" on Saturday, April 16th, 2011! For more information, click here.

Roll-Off Container