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Report An Incident
You can report graffiti by calling 3-1-1 or submitting a service request online.

TIPS for Graffiti Prevention
Learn how to remove, prevent, and control graffiti.

FREE Graffiti Abatement
Clean up services provided to property owners.

Graffiti Videos
View graffiti related videos.

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How Can I Help Eliminate Graffiti?            

Report Graffiti to the Appropriate Autho​ries

If you see someone tagging, call 911 to report the crime. If you see graffiti on buildings, signs, vehicles, etc, call 311 to have it routed to the appropriate department.

Organize A Neighborhood Paint Out

The City of Dallas is ready to assist your neighborhood group or organization with a community-wide paint out project. Call the Code Compliance Services Administration office at 214-670-5708 or your local Community Code District office for more information.

Plan A Mural

If you have a location that is plagued with graffiti or tagging, you can call Code Compliance Services Administration offices at 214-670-5708 or your local Community Code District to start a mural project to help eliminate the nuisance.

Get Educated

Learn about how graffiti impacts your community. Find out who is responsible for prevention. Call 311 or Code Compliance Services at 214-670-5708.

View Tips for Graffiti Prevention

Join the Team!

Just fill out the Volunteer Registration Form to add your name to our volunteer database. We will only use the names for upcoming graffiti wipeouts within the city. If your group is interested in partnering with the City of Dallas to paint over graffiti in your neighborhood, please contact:

Department of Code Compliance
3112 Canton Street, Dallas, TX 75238
(T) 214-670-5708 | (F) 214-670-3652

Code Enforcement Team