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Business/Property Owner's Mosquito Control Checklist

Keep lids closed on garbage dumpsters, grease bins and compactors.

Pick up litter, such as aluminum cans, that can collect water.

Clean out and drain HVAC drain lines.

Drain flat roofs or treat standing water with larvicide.

Clean or replace clogged roof gutters and downspouts.

Cut the backside of corrugated plastic pipe attached to downspouts to allow water to drain completely.

Replace plant saucers with ‘pot feet' or fill saucers with pea gravel.

The Dallas City Code on "Accumulation of Tires" requires that tires be kept under a roofed structure.

Repair leaky outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems.

Make sure sprinkler systems are set correctly to prevent over-watering of your landscape.

Avoid over-watering of your landscape.

Level low spots in your landscape with sand or dirt.

Improve landscape bed drainage by digging trenches to allow water to flow and absorb into the ground.

For ornamental ponds, add mosquito-eating minnows for mosquito larva control or aerate with a pump.

Fill tree stumps and holes with sand and/or mortar.

Clean out and cover utility meter vaults.

Report standing water in catch basins at road corners, storm drains and bar ditches pools to the City of Dallas by calling 3-1-1.

Source: Concerned Citizens of Dallas​