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​External Linking Policy

This policy applies to all non-library Web sites maintained by the City of Dallas.  City of Dallas Web sites contain links to other World Wide Web Internet sites and resources.  The City is not responsible for, and accepts no liability for, the availability of these outside resources.  Linked Web sites are not under the control of, nor maintained by, the City of Dallas and the City of Dallas is not responsible for the content of these Web sites, which can and do change frequently; nor for any internal links the displayed Web sites may contain. In addition, inclusion of the linked Web sites does not constitute an endorsement or promotion by the City of Dallas of any persons or organizations sponsoring the displayed Web sites.

The City of Dallas will link to sites of its choosing which contain data regarding the City and the surrounding North Texas area, its residents, businesses, and visitors, if linking to the site furthers a specific purpose of the City of Dallas that is articulated in an official written expression of City of Dallas policies or purposes. These links are provided to further City of Dallas purposes and not as a benefit to the linking party.  No party shall have a right to link to any City of Dallas site by virtue of this policy. "Specifically articulated purposes of the City" are those purposes that are set out in official policy documents of the City. Specifically articulated purposes of the City that could be furthered by providing a link to a City Web site include (but are not limited to):

  • The promotion of the use of City facilities and services by links to entities that have contracted to utilize City facilities

  • Making known the availability of services to visitors and citizens by linking to entities that have contracted with the City to provide such services

  • Making available information about the organizations in which the City maintains a membership

  • The promotion of the internationalization of Dallas by ensuring that the City competes effectively in the global economy, enhances its international profile, draws fully on its diverse multi-ethnic heritage and takes full advantage of international opportunities

  • Creation of an economically vibrant city by drawing upon the City's competitive assets through the City's relationship with organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, city-to-city committees, sister cities, international and domestic trade service organizations and other organizations to promote trade, investment and cultural activities

  • Facilitating access to education and health care by providing information about major educational and medical facilities within or nearby the City

The following questions are among the factors that should be considered in determining if a particular link would serve a specific articulated purpose of the City:

  1. Does the mission of the organization closely align with the accomplishment of a City objective, such that adding the link is helpful in meeting the City's goals?

  2. Is the organization a business partner, contractual partner, or ongoing user of a City facility, such that the City benefits from promotion of the organization?

  3. Is there such an abundance of potential links of this nature that a comprehensive list is unreasonable to maintain, and a representative sample would be more useful to a user of the City's Web site?

The City's Web sites and the selection of sites to which any of them may be linked is not intended to serve as a forum for free discussion. Ample facilities for free expression are available both on the Internet and in the physical world.  Instead, these Web pages are posted to serve the City's need to make useful and practical information available to Dallas residents, businesses, and visitors that facilitates provision of a City service or furthers another specifically articulated purpose of the City of Dallas.

If you believe a link to your site from a City of Dallas Web site would further a specifically articulated purpose of the City, but such a link does not currently exist, you may email us or write a letter setting out what specifically articulated purpose of the City would be furthered, where that purpose is stated and how the suggested link would further that purpose.  You will subsequently be notified whether your link will be included on a City of Dallas Web site, within 30 days of your written communication to the City. If you do not receive a written communication from us within 30 days you should consider that your request has been denied without prejudice to the later refiling of the request.

Sites that are linked from the City of Dallas are reviewed periodically to confirm that the link still furthers City purposes.  The City of Dallas reserves the right to refuse to post any Web site link or to delete links already posted at any time, in conformance with this policy, without notice.