How to Apply?

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In Person

You may bring a completed application or complete one in our lobby before standing in line. Customers with an appointment will be served first.



SKIP THE LINE and go directly to Window #2. For faster processing, print and bring a completed application to your appointment, or you may complete an application in our lobby before going to Window #2. Appointments will be verified. 


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Apply online through our third party vendor. (Additional fees apply)


Call VitalChek at 800-380-1138 (Additional fees apply)

Regular/Overnight Mail 

Regular mail is processed within 5 business days of receipt by our office. Regular mail is sent to the customer via U.S. Postal Services.

Overnight mail is processed on the business day of receipt by our office. Overnight mail is sent to the customer via overnight courier. Customer must provide a prepaid overnight envelope.    

Provide the following for mail-in request processing:

  • Print a copy of the application:
  • Complete the application and notarized proof of identification section at the bottom of the application
  • Make a copy of the qualified applicant's identification
  • Include payment, money order/cashier's check, (for business) business check
  • Payments are payable to "City of Dallas"
  • Mail the documentation (signed application, notarized proof of identification, copy of valid identification, fees and other documentation if needed) to: City of Dallas Vital Statistics, 1515 Young St. , Dallas, Texas, 75201

Identifications Requirements:  See Section 181.28 of the Texas Administrative Code for a complete list of acceptable forms of identification.

Important Notice 

Please contact DALLAS COUNTY CLERK if the birth or death for your request occurred in one of the cities listed below.  Long Form Birth Certifictes and Death Certificates are NOT available at our location for the following cities:

​Farmers Branch
​Las Colinas
​Balch Springs
​Carrollton (1996-Present)
​Glenn Heights
​Richardson (1996-Present)
​Cedar Hill
​Grand Prairie (1996-Present)
​Cockrell Hill
​Highland Park
​University Park


Notice to Attorneys - Required Documentation

(Legal documents will be reviewed by COD/City Attorney's Office which may delay request up to 48 hours after submission)

  1. Valid bar card
  2. Valid personal identification w/picture
  3. Letter on company stationery stating the purpose of the request or Legal documentation (court orders; subpoenas)
  4. Completed vital statistics application for certified document

3rd Party Applicants - Required Documentation

  1. Documentation linking you or your agency to tangible reason for requesting certified document (partial listing):
    1. Legal documents such as contracts, court rulings
    2. Bank statements, deeds, titles showing joint ownership
    3. Notarized letter from qualified applicant with a copy of their valid picture identification requesting that you received the certified document for them
    4. Business letter on company stationery with a copy of documentation linking individual to your agency, i.e. a, b, c above
  2. Valid personal identification w/picture
  3. Letter on company stationery stating the purpose of the request
  4. Completed vital statistics application for certified document 


Birth records are confidential for 75 years and death records 25 years; therefore, issuance is restricted to qualified applicants. Please attach a photocopy of ID to application. Failure to provide the purpose in obtaining the record and relationship to the applicant in the request, when the applicant is not the person named on the record, will result in the application being rejected or delayed in processing.