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  • Academy of breastfeeding medicine  |  The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine is a worldwide organization of physicians dedicated to the promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding and human lactation. Our mission is to unite members of the various medical specialties with this common purpose through: Physician education, Expansion of knowledge in both breastfeeding science and human lactation, Facilitation of optimal breastfeeding practices, Encouragement of the exchange of information among organizations A central goal of The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine is the development of clinical protocols for managing common medical problems that may impact breastfeeding success.​
  • Wellstart Lactation Training  | Wellstart International's mission is to advance the knowledge, skills and abilities of health care providers regarding the promotion, protection and support of optimal infant and maternal health and nutrition from conception through the completion of weaning.
  • Texas Department State Health Services Breastfeeding Training
  • Mother's Milk Bank of Austin  |  Human donor milk is prescribed by doctors to help premature and ill infants across the country. It is Mother’s Milk Bank of Austin's job to collect and distribute that milk.
  • Texas Ten Step Program  |  The Texas Ten Step Facility Program in an effort to improve the health of Texas mothers and infants by promoting breastfeeding. The objectives of the Texas Ten Step Facility Program are to encourage facilities to reach the goal of having 75 percent of their mothers breastfeeding at discharge; to help facilities support breastfeeding mothers before, during, and after delivery; and to encourage facilities to identify breastfeeding resources for mothers after they are discharged. For information on the ten steps, download the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding information sheet or visit The Texas Ten Steps Model Policy page.
  • Texas WIC Program  |  For Clinical training
  • BFConsortium  l  eNewsletter that provides insights and updates from the world of breastfeeding and the Baby-Friendly movement

Breastfeeding Promotion and Support

  • Texas Breastfeeding Coalition  |  The Texas Breastfeeding Coalition is a consortium of breastfeeding promotion groups, organizations that work with mothers and babies, and interested individuals from across the state.​