​WIC - Foo​d Benefits

Image - WIC LoneStar-Card All WIC food benefits are loaded onto an Electronic Benefit Transfer Card (EBT Card) called the WIC Lone Star Card.

Benefits for all eligible family members are loaded onto the WIC Lone Star card for one to three months at a time. A grocery list, which lists all food items for the family is printed at the time the benefits are loaded onto the card. The benefits can be purchased at any participating store during the calendar month.

The specific food benefits for each category of WIC participant can be found at: www.TexasWIC.org​ Please click on “Food Packages” for a complete description of all Food Packages. Below is a summary of foods WIC provides:


  • Iron-fortified and low in sugar


  • Bread (whole-wheat or whole-grain) or tortillas (corn or whole-wheat), brown rice or oatmeal


  • Cash value benefits for fruits and vegetables
  • Vitamin C-rich 100% juice


  • Fat-free, low-fat (1%) for women and children age 2 and older
  • Whole milk for children 12 to 24 months
  • Cheese
  • Soymilk and tofu substitutions available upon request*


  • Eggs
  • Dried beans, split peas or lentils and/or peanut butter
  • Canned tuna and/or salmon for exclusively breastfeeding mothers


  • Baby fruits and vegetables
  • Baby meats
  • Baby cereal
  • Infant formula

WIC does not provide you with all of your infant's formula needs. Protect your breastmilk supply by breastfeeding your baby whenever you are together. You and your baby will continue to receive health benefits from breastfeeding, and you may not have to buy formula.

*Soy milk and tofu require a prescription for children.


  • Are low in fat and high in fiber
  • Provide nutritional variety
  • Help promote a healthy weight

Web-Based Nutrition Education

WIC offers a variety of Web-based Nutrition Education classes for families whose work, school or transportation schedules make it difficult to attend scheduled Nutrition Education activities at the clinic. Visit the website,www.Texaswic.org to see the many topics our web-learning program covers.​

Prenatal Group Discussions and Classes