WIC - Nutrition​

Nutrition Education

One of the many benefits of the City of Dallas WIC Program is the free nutrition education provided to WIC participants and their families. WIC offers one-on-one Nutrition Counseling, interactive group discussion classes, weight management group classes, Web-based learning and other "Nutrition on Your Own" options.

We recognize that obesity is a growing and real threat to the health of our WIC families and as a health promotion organization, we are committed to reducing or eliminating this threat by fostering the healthy lifestyle habits of nutritious foods and daily activity through our Nutrition Education Plan.

Prenatal Group Discussions and Classes

The Benefits of Breastfeeding and the Risks of Formula Feeding

Have you thought about how you want to feed your newborn baby? This is the perfect place to get started. Come to WIC and learn about the benefits of breastfeeding for your new baby, yourself and your family. Our trained Breastfeeding Peer Counselors, Peer Dads and IBCLC Lactation Consultants will lead discussions and classes to help you make the best decision for your family.

Breastfeeding and Mom & Baby Support Groups

WIC is here to give new mothers the support they need to meet their breastfeeding goals and to successfully manage all of the changes and transitions in feeding your baby for the first year. WIC Support Groups also help keep moms connected and supported as they travel through their first year as moms. Breastfeeding Support Groups meet weekly at the Community Baby Cafe and most clinics.

Moms in Motion

The City of Dallas WIC Program is committed to helping moms return to their pre-pregnancy weight or to achieving a healthy weight for themselves by acquiring the healthy lifestyle habits they need to achieve a healthy weight. This twelve week course is available in all twenty clinics.

Healthy Family Discussion Groups

WIC is here to help families be the best they can be with group discussions on how to incorporate healthy habits into everyday life. With Cooking demonstrations, group discussions and activity classes, there is a topic for every family.

Web-based Learning

WIC offers a variety of Web-based Nutrition Education classes for families whose work, school or transportation schedules make it difficult to attend scheduled Nutrition Education activities at the clinic. Visit the website, Texaswic.org to see the many topics our web-learning program covers.​