West Dallas Multipurpose Center​

The West Dallas Multipurpose Center (WDMC) was established in 1988 and partners with local nonprofit organizations to offer programs and services, free of charge, to enhance the quality of life for residenst that live and work in West Dallas.   

The WDMC is home to social service programs, such as housing and rental assistance, financial empowerment, jobs skills training and employment support, client referral services, and much more. Additionally, the WDMC partners with a number of nonprofit and social service agencies that provide health and wellness programming, each of which provides valuable community services. Collectively, the WDMC programming and partners offer a comprehensive package of community engagement programs and events, activities, and services for community members.


2828 Fish Trap Road Dallas, Texas 75212

Administration Office Hours:
Monday- Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 3pm
Sunday: Closed

WDMC Services, Partners, and Programs