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If you wish to contest your citation at trial, you must first attend a mandatory Pre-Trial setting. Defendants wishing to understand their options and/or show proof of compliance may first attend the optional Proof or Plea Court. If an agreement cannot be met, or if the defendant chooses to skip Proof or Plea Court, a mandatory Pre-Trial Hearing date must be set. For details on both Proof or Plea Court and Pre-Trial Hearings please see below.​​


Pre-Trial Hearings
About the Pre-Trial Hearings
What happens at a Pre-Trial Hearing?
Proof or Plea Court - "Walk-in Court"
Options for Proof or Plea Court
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Pre-Trial Hearings

To set a Pre-Trial Conference or Hearing Date you must be within 21 calendar days from the date you received the citation.

Pre- Trial dates can be requested

  • In person at the Proof or Plea Court
  • by ​internet, (cases must be within first 21 days of issuance of citation) 
  • or by mail (postmark on mail request, must be within first 21 days of issuance of citation). It is recommended all mail be sent via certified mail.
  • *Social Security Cards and Selfies (pictures) are NOT valid forms of ID*;

You cannot request Pre-Trial Hearings by telephone, fax or e-mail.

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About the Pre-Trial Hearings

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What happens at a Pre-Trial Hearing?

  • Pro se defendants (not represented by an attorney) will first be asked if they wish to set the case for a trial or discuss the case with the prosecutor for a possible resolution.
  • If the defendant is adamant that he/she wants a trial, the Clerk shall set the case for a Pre-Trial Hearing;
  • If the case is not resolved at Proof or Plea, the case will be set for Pre-Trial.
  • At the pretrial hearing, the pro se defendant will be informed, via a video presentation, of his/her options to resolve a case.
  • If the case is not resolved at the Pre-Trial Hearing, a trial (jury or before the court) date will be set and placed on a docket.
  • For cases involving an attorney, this process includes an additional Pre-Trial Conference that ensures the defendant is present when entering his/her plea.

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Proof or Plea Court - "Walk-in Court"

This court is available to any person with a copy of their citation, who chooses to resolve their citation(s) through entering a plea of no contest or guilty, or showing proof of compliance.



Options for Proof or Plea Court

Plead only guilty or no contest to the case and choose one of the following options;

  • Pay the fine through a plea, (payment plans available upon request)
  • Request deferred disposition (probation)
  • Dismissal (compliance) proof (*see details below)
  • Request driver's safety course
  • Request community service or work release program
  • Dismissal (compliance) proof
  • Submit time served Proof​

*​Show compliance or "proof" on the case by presenting a valid Texas driver's license, proof of insurance or financial responsibility, renewed or valid inspection sticker, or renewed or valid registration;


Plead not guilty and request a Pre-Trial Conference or Hearing.

The Proof or Plea Court is open and accessible to the public

Monday – Thursday, 8:30AM -10:45AM & 1:00PM - 3:30PM 

Fridays 7​​:30AM - 10:45AM 

Location and Hours 

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