Court & Detention Services

You have 21 days from when the citation was issued to appear. You may make your appearance online, by mail, by telephone, and in person. Live Chat and email do not satisfy an appearance. If you fail to make your appearance within the 21 days, you are subject to added fines, fees, and possible warrants for your arrest. Civil citations have 31 days to appear. If you are unsure which type of citation you received, you can contact the Court before the 21 days expires to verify.

Frequently Asked Questions & Forms

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are acceptable forms of picture identification?

The following forms of picture identification are acceptable picture identification for persons conducting business at the customer service windows:

  • Texas or Out of State Driver's License; 

  • Mexican Driver's License or Matrícula Consular; 

  • Texas or Out of State Identification; 

  • Military Identification Card or Badge; 

  • U.S. University Identification (Colleges); 

  • Government Issued Passport; 

  • Immigration Resident Card or Green Card; 

  • Mexican Voter Registration; 

  • Texas Department of Corrections Parolee Card;

  • U.S. Government Issued Identification; 

  • Concealed Handgun License; 

  • Please note that an expired driver's license will suffice only for setting a court date

Prohibited items in the court building?

  • All knives – (Exception: plastic or round-bladed butter knives);

  •  Razor-type blades – (Examples but not limited to box cutters and utility knives);

  • Scissors – (Examples but not limited to: metal scissors with pointed-tips and blades which are longer than four inches);

  • Sporting-goods objects – (Examples but not limited to: baseball bats, bows and arrows, golf clubs, pool cue sticks, hockey sticks, and ski poles);

  • Firearms & guns – (Examples but not limited to: all firearms, starter pistols, replicas of weapons, flares, flare-guns, pellet or bb-guns, ammunition);

  • Working tools – (Examples but not limited to: hammers, screwdrivers, drills, saws, pliers, wrenches);

  • Self-defense weapons – (Examples but not limited to: brass knuckles, billy clubs, mace, throwing stars, kubatons, nunchakus, and blackjacks).

What is the appropriate attire in the court building?

All persons entering a courtroom shall be clean and dressed in a manner that shows dignity and respect for the court. Examples of appropriate attire:  

  • Slacks, jeans that are non-ripped, and pantsuits;  

  • Collared shirts; 

  • Dresses and skirts.

Unacceptable attire includes:  

  • Shorts or cutoffs; 

  • Pants that are below the waistline (drooping/saggy pants); 

  • Flip flop style shoes; 

  • T-shirts, muscle shirts, tank tops, tube tops, and halter tops; 

  • Athletic/gymnasium attire; 

  • Baseball hats and caps;  

  • Clothing that indicates gang affiliation; and

  • Clothing containing offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, or obscene language. 

I just received my citation why can I not find it online?

It may take up to ten (10) business days for your citation to appear in the system. You have the option to handle the citation by mail or by bringing your copy into the Court to be entered. To handle by mail before the citation is entered, provide a copy of the citation, identification, and payment. View, a list of violations and amounts: (Click Here) You have 21 days from when the citation was issued to appear. You may make your appearance online, by mail, by telephone, and in person.   Live Chat and email, do not satisfy an appearance.  If you fail to make your appearance within the 21 days, you are subject to added fines, fees, and possible warrants for your arrest.

I moved, and I need to update my information with the court?


Form: (Click Here)

You may update your contact information by mail and in-person with picture identification.   Live Chat, phone, and email are not valid options.

Notify the Court in writing of any changes within ten (10) days of the change. If you do not provide an updated form, the assumed information is what is on the citation. Please write clearly to ensure that we update the correct information.


I requested the wrong program, plea, or option on my citation, what can I do?


You may request a change of program, plea, or Judge's order, by mail and in-person at the Court with picture identification. You may not request court changes by phone, email, fax, or live chat.   Be prepared to make any payment owed at the time of the request.

What forms of payments can I use at the Courthouse?

Pay with cash, debit card, credit card, check, or money order. Cards accepted are Visa and MasterCard. (No credit card fee when paying in-person at the Municipal Court.) Spanish speaking representatives are available. (Agentes de Servicio que hablan español están disponibles para servirle.) Payments other than cash will require a matching picture id. The Court has an ATM in the lobby of the main windows. 

How can I pay without coming into the Courthouse?

How can I get copies of my citation/court records?

The Municipal Court does not have access to arrest reports, accident reports, driving records, and police records.

Records of past or current citation(s), can be reviewed online. Click on details once you enter the name and date of birth or the citation number. (Click Here)


For more Municipal Court records form: (Click Here) 

How do I pay a parking citation?

Go to Parking (Click Here) 

If I have a warrant, will I get arrested when I pay in person?

We do not have arresting officers at our location waiting for anyone. If you see uniformed personnel, they are either there as bailiffs or called to appear in court. 

Do I have to pay for parking at 2014 Main Street?

The City of Dallas Municipal Court does not have free or dedicated parking for the public. Paid parking options include street metered parking, daily lots, and private garages.

I received a letter from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) regarding the suspension of my driver's license. How can I get this corrected?

Contact the local DPS office for further information or the organization that sent you the letter.

How can I look up what citation(s) have a hold from Omni or DPS?

Go online to the Texas Failure to Appear website: (Click Here)

What do I do if I have a hold on my driver's license, but I need to renew it?

Look up outstanding citations you have on the website and pay the balance in full. 

What do I do if my court date is two months away and I need my registration immediately?

Look up outstanding citations you have on the website and pay the balance in full.


What is the Scofflaw Vehicle Registration Denial Program?

To better understand the Scofflaw Vehicle Registration Denial Program, see our Scofflaw Pamphlet (Click Here) (PDF, in English and en español).

To review citation(s), status, or balances (Click Here). Example: (C12123456 Do not enter the dash) (Warrants will appear in red)