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Juvenile Court

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​Dallas City Juvenile Court

​Juvenile Court is a specialized court for juvenile defendants who receive a Class C citation while under the age of 17. These cases include traffic offenses, curfew violations, alcohol violations, tobacco offenses, assault offenses, and others. The Juvenile Court seeks to divert juvenile offenders from continued criminal behavior while holding juveniles responsible for their conduct.  

During the Juvenile First Appearance setting, prosecutors will meet with the juvenile and the parent or guardian to discuss options for resolving the case. Depending on the specific case, options may include deferred disposition, community service, or participation in the Teen Court program. The juvenile also has the option of requesting a trial before the judge or a trial by jury. 

Know Before You Go

  • The juvenile must appear in court with at least one parent or legal guardian. Relatives, older siblings, or friends are not allowed to appear in the place of the parent or legal guardian.
  • Failure to appear at a juvenile court hearing may result in an order being issued to take the juvenile into non-secured custody.
  • Juvenile Court has a strict dress policy.  Anyone dressed in violation of the Court's dress policy will not be allowed in the courtroom.
  • The Court has Spanish Interpreters for those in need of one. Please contact the Court if you are in need of an interpreter for another language. 


Municipal Courts Building, Court No. 3

2014 Main Street, 2nd Floor

Dallas, 75201

Phone: (214) 670-0109 

Teen Court Program 

Teen Court is a diversion program for teens by teens that allows juveniles to resolve their cases through a positive learning experience that teaches them about the judicial process. A group of teen jury members will hear the case and decide punishment, which includes community service and service on the Teen Court jury. Juveniles can complete their community service at Teen Court by training in the role of a judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, bailiff, or jury member. 

Who is eligible for Teen Court?

  • Juveniles age 17 and under who are currently enrolled in school.
  • Must appear before a Municipal Court Judge with a parent or legal guardian.
  • Must enter a plea of no contest or guilty and request Teen Court. 

Who Can Volunteer? 

Anyone can volunteer! Teenagers between the ages of 13 -16 can volunteer to serve as a judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, bailiff, or jury member. Licensed attorneys are welcome to volunteer as trainers. All others are welcome to help with facilitation and coordination of the Teen Court program. 

Please contact the Juvenile Court Coordinator, Shanda Daniels, at 214-670-5605 or

Juvenile Court is typically held the first Thursday of each month.  Please contact the Juvenile Court Coordinator for the latest schedule.

Time:         5:00pm – 7:00pm​

Where:       Municipal Court Building, 2014 Main St. Dallas, TX 75201, 2nd floor, Court No. 3